FHC Physical Education Class Offerings

Physical Education & Health Overview

Each student must complete one credit of Physical Education for graduation and .5 credit of Health. During their Freshman year, students typically take Personal Lifetime Fitness during one semester and one semester of Health. Once Personal Lifetime Fitness is completed, students have many Physical Education options to complete the other required .5 credit. Students can take any activity class multiple times for credit. Classroom electives will not count towards the required PE credit. Our Physical Education teachers are passionate about teaching and try to support our students in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Freshman Classes


This is the only specific Health class students are required to take during their entire K-12 education. This class focuses largely on developing decision making skills that are essential to the well-being of our students.

Health class prepares students for the social and mental demands of being a high school student. This class is a highly interactive class with challenging discussions about relationships, nutrition, drugs, and mental/emotional health - including suicide prevention and stress management techniques. Students will also be trained in CPR /First Aid.

Our Health teachers try to give the most current and accurate research so students have everything they need to make the most informed life choices.

Although the district offers an online version of Health, our department strongly encourage students and parents to not enroll in the online Health class. Our experience and commitment to our students ensures a much better educational experience through meaningful instruction, conversations, and valuable social connections. We feel the online class can be detrimental to the overall wellness of students because it lacks the relational component of education that is essential to learning. Online students miss many important learning opportunities compared to the students that completed Health in our classrooms. If you have further questions about online Health, please feel free to contact our Departament Chair, Malach Radigan, at 636-851-4715.

Health Teachers are Coach Radigan, Coach Carter, Coach Howard, Coach Kruse, and Coach Smith

Personal Lifetime Fitness

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop and maintain fitness for a lifetime of wellness. Fitness concepts and components are emphasized as the student participates in a wide variety of physical activities.

Students will engage in fitness assessments, individual sports, team sports, developement of bodyweight strength, and other activities.

This is a required class for graduation,and students may not enroll in elective P.E. classes without successful completion.

PLF Teachers are typically Coach Howard, Coach Denny, Coach Kruse, Coach Carter, Coach Radigan, and Coach Smith

Electives & Activity Classes

Net Sports

In this class students will participate in a variety of lifetime activities that include tennis, volleyball, badminton, softball, pickleball, table tennis, and other recreational and outdoor activities. Students will review the skills and rules needed to play these activities. This class is designed to promote lifelong healthy fitness through activities that students can participate in the rest of their lives.

This class is typically taught by Coach Denny and Coach Kruse

Fit For Life

Fit 4 Life is a non-competitive fitness class that will teach you how to create a healthy lifestyle habits that can be maintained for a lifetime. We cover a variety of topics including nutrition, fad diets, high intensity workouts, yoga, and Zumba dancing. This class is best for students wanting to learn how to work out and stay in shape without having to have a gym membership. At the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and experience to create your own individual workout plan, and be able to live a healthy and fit life.

Typical Week:

  • Monday: Pulling, Squating, & Explosion

  • Tuesday: Core, Pressing, & Aerobic Fitness

  • Wednesday: Recovery & Mobility

  • Thursday: Walking Lunges, Body Weight Core, Plyometrics

  • Friday: Team Training Competitions

This course is taught by Coach Denny

Team Sports

This course will include a variety of team sport activities such as flag football, softball, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and basketball. Instruction is aimed at developing fitness and sports skills, as well as an understanding of the rules of traditional and non-traditional team sports games. Students will also examine coaching and team strategies. This class may be repeated for further credit.

Typically taught by Coach Denny and Coach Kruse

Sports Enhancement

This class is designed specifically for high school athletes. If you're wishing to play a sport in college or wanting to be the best athlete you can be, you need to take this class.

This course is designed to increase athletic performance on the playing field by improving speed, acceleration and deceleration, quickness, multi-directional speed and agility, strength, explosive power, and flexibility along with mental and leadership skills.

This course will also look at the college athletic recruiting process including assisting athletes to better understand NCAA and NAIA rules, recruiting do's and don’ts, and identifying the possible schools to consider pursuing based on the individual needs of the student-athlete.

Former/current college and professional athletes and college coaches are used as speakers to help students understand what to expect as a college athlete. Pierre Desir of the Indiapolis Colts, Terrell Wilborn (DII National Wrestling Champion), Sharese Jones, and Shakara Jones are some of the many athletes that will come back and share their knowledge and experiences with students.

We will also test the athletes vertical jump, pro-agility, and broad jump assessed at the beginning, middle and end of semester.

Typical Week:

  • Monday: Footwork, Linear Speed & Agility

  • Tuesday: Mechanics & Aerobic Capacity

  • Wednesday: Classroom: Leadership, Character, Recruiting, Sports Psychology

  • Thursday: Power, Lateral Speed & Agility

  • Friday: Stability & Anaerobic Capacity

This class is typically taught by Coach Radigan

Intro To Weight Training

This course will provide an introduction to weight training with an emphasis on student participation. The student will be presented with the proper technique for a variety of weight training movements with an emphasis on learning proper movement rather than strength development. Grades will be determined through participation, written tests, and the completion of a workout journal/notebook.

Class typically taught by Coach Howard and Coach Radigan

Advanced Weight Training

This course has three main objectives: development of an understanding of weight training physiology, development of the skills necessary to maximize performance of strength training techniques, and to continue progress toward an individual's strength and fitness goals.

Students will learn to design and implement their own individual workout plan and track their progress by maintaining a workout journal or tracker. Grades are determined through participation in class, written tests, and completion of the workout journal or tracker. This class may be repeated for further credit.

Class typically taught by Coach Radigan and Coach Howard

PE and Health Classroom Electives

Drvier's Education

This class is designed to provide a basic foundation of knowledge and skills for students to gain a Missouri State Driver’s Permit or License. Students will learn basic defensive driver concepts, the responsibilities of being a vehicle owner, operator, (including maintenance and insurance information) and safe versus unsafe driving conditions. Students will learn the effects of impaired driving and the risks being taken while driving impaired. Students will also learn basic first aid and CPR procedures in the event of an emergency.

Class is typically taught by Coach Carter and Coach Radigan

Outdoor Education 1 & 2

This course will provide basic information on hunter ethics and tradition, hunting seasons, hunter safety course, proper gun handling, firearms and safety, and an awareness of Missouri Outdoors. Students will be participating in some outdoor activities. The class is in line with Missouri department of conservation Heritage class and students will receive their heritage license. There is also a field trip where students will shoot shot guns and rifles and familiarize themselves with hands on gun handling

Class is taught by Coach Kruse.

Teen Health & Wellness

(Junior or Senior year only)

Teen Health and Wellness class focuses on specific health issues and/or emerging trends in health and wellness,and is offered as an elective for juniors and seniors. It will explore current health concerns and trends as related to the teenage student.

Students will gain awareness that health is not just the absence of disease but the positive state of physical, mental, and social well-being that promotes wellness. Topics will include; importance of human connection through healthy relationships, stress management, emotional health, adolescent mental health,situational awareness/self-defense, and other current issues that affect every day teen living.

Students will be challenged to reflect and address personal obstacles blocking them from reaching their potential of a healthy lifestyle.

This class is typically taught be Coach Radigan.


Coach Thomas

Coach Denny

Coach Kruse

Coach Carter

Coach Radigan

Coach Bunton