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Welcome to our student led Web site! We want to keep students and parents updated on all of the great things going on at Grandview Elementary School.

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Grandview is swirling with great attitudes, effort, and positive vibes.

This is introducing our wonderful students, and pawsome school! Go wildcats.

2017-2018 Calendar Updates

April 9th - Built in Snow Day #1- School in session (for January 8, 2018)

May 7th - Built in make-up day #2 - School in session (for January 12, 2018)

May 25th - School in session (for January 15, 2018)

May 29th - School in session (for January 16, 2018)

May 30th - School in session (for March 21, 2018)

May 31st - Last teacher day

*Additional Snow Days will be added to the end of the school calendar