Ms Ring's Chemistry Page

Welcome to Ms. Ring's Chemistry Web page. Its my hope that you can find any information you need here on this page. At the top of the page you will find several important links, including a link to the Table of Contents for our Notebook. I will update the Table each day when we add new material to our notebook, so you can always click this link to check and make sure you have all that you need and that it is in the right order.

You will also find a link to our calendar. There you will find upcoming tests and quizzes, what we did each day in class, and attachments to any handouts that we received that day. So if you are ever absent, or just need a reminder of what we did, or whats coming up click on the calendar link above and then on the day in question.

If there is anything you need that you cannot find, or any questions you have, dont hesitate to contact me! Its going to be a great year!