Fayetteville High School

Virtual Open House

Welcome to Fayetteville High School's Virtual Open House website. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are moving our annual in-person Open House to a virtual setting so that we can protect our school community from the potential transmission of the virus.

Below you will find a list of names for all FHS Teachers in alphabetical order. Each teacher has prepared a video to introduce themselves, what they teach, their contact information, and what they are most excited about for the upcoming school year. Please consult your child's schedule to see who your child's teachers are and check out the videos provided by them. If you have any specific questions that you would like addressed, please contact them.


2021-2022 Open House Video.mp4

Dr. Jay Dostal

Fayetteville High School Principal

FHS Data Dashboard

Warren Collier.webm

Warren Collier

Fayetteville High School Associate Principal

Jon Gheen.webm

Jon Gheen

Assistant Principal

Mike Kaminski.webm

Mike Kaminski

Assistant Principal

Michelle Miller.webm

Dr. Michelle Miller

Assistant Principal

Bobby Smith.webm

Bobby Smith

Assistant Principal

Mark White.mp4

mark white

Assistant Principal

David Young.webm

david young

Assistant Principal

Byron Zeagler.webm

byron Zeagler

Assistant Principal

Deanna Easton.webm

Deanna Easton

Student Programs Coordinator

FHS Counseling department

Seanne Farrar.webm

Seanne Farrar

Last Names A-B

Rajhi Thompson.MOV

Rajhi Thompson

Last Names C-E

Joey Newman.webm

Joey Newman

Last Names F-Hn

Curt Champion.webm

Curt Champion

Last Names Ho-L

Jennifer Emfinger.webm

Jennifer Emfinger

Last Names M-N

Cindy Marsh.webm

Cindy Marsh

Last Names O-R

Staci Petrich.webm

Staci Petrich

Last Names S-Th

Lesli Zeagler.webm

Lesli Zeagler

Last Names Ti-Z

Student Support Specialists

Lisa Neisler.webm

Lisa Neisler

Molly Carman.webm

Molly Carman

FHS Teaching Staff

Steve Adams.mp4

Steve Adams

Steph Alkire.webm

Stephanie Alkire

Amber Anderson.webm

Amber Anderson

Trey Antonetti.mp4

Trey Antonetti

Eric Armstrong.mp4

Eric Armstrong

Candace Austin.mp4

Candace Austin

Sarah Bailey.webm

Sarah Bailey

Pamela Baker.mp4

Pamela Baker

Todd Ballinger.webm

Todd Ballinger

Zoe Banks.mp4

Zoe Banks

Jason Barnes.webm

Jason Barnes

Nicole Barnes.webm

Nicole Barnes

Kymbrly Barron.mp4

Kymbrly Barron

Anna Beaulieu.mp4

Anna Beaulieu

Mandi Beesler.webm

Mandi Beesler

Rachel Behrman.MOV

Rachel Behrman

Richard Bell.mp4

Richard Bell

Liz Bland.webm

Liz Bland

Angie Bone.webm

Angie Bone

Karla Bonnell.webm

Karla Bonnell

Jeff Boogaart.webm

Jeff Boogaart

Cheyenne Boots.mp4

Cheyenne Boots

Jeff Bowerman.webm

Jeff Bowerman

Nick Bradford.webm

Nick Bradford

Jerod Bradshaw.webm

Jerod Bradshaw

Meredith Bramlett.webm

Meredith Bramlett

Devonte Britt.webm

Devonte Britt

Jennifer Brooks.webm

Jennifer Brooks

Michelle Brunke.webm

Michelle Brunke

Jesse Buchanan.webm

Jesse Buchanan

Kelly Buckley

Joseph Calcagni.webm

Joseph Calcagni

Jade Cameron.mp4

Jade Cameron

Cheryl Carter.webm

Cheryl Carter

Tommi Caston.webm

Tommi Caston

Latisha Chadwick.webm

Latisha Chadwick

Kenneth Chick.webm

Kenneth Chick

Blake Childers.webm

Blake Childers

Tim Chitwood.webm

Tim Chitwood

Angela Clark.webm

Angela Clark

Chris Clarke.webm

Chris Clark

Renee Cole.mp4

Renee Cole

Angela Godwin Colly.pdf

Angela Godwin Colly

Natalie Conway.mp4

Natalie Conway

Trevor Cooperescue.mp4

Trevor Cooperescue

Kelsey Cowan.webm

Kelsey Cowan

Brent Crenshaw.webm

Brent Crenshaw

Kelly Cross.mp4

Kelly Cross

Erin Crowson.webm

Erin Crowson

Kara Cullins.webm

Kara Cullins

Amy Dahm.webm

Amy Dahm

Scott Davenport.mp4

Scott Davenport

Derek Davis.webm

Derek Davis

Karen Dawson

Karen Dawson

Casey Dick.MOV

Casey Dick

Kelli Doss.mp4

Kelli Doss

Tieler Driscoll.webm

Tieler Driscoll

Ed Duncan.mp4

Ed Duncan

Ellie Esry.webm

Ellie Esry

Allison Evans.webm

Allison Evans

Ted Farah.webm

Ted Farah

Emery Faulkner.webm

Emery Faulkner

Jordan Finn.mp4

Jordan Finn

Stephanie Flinn.webm

Stephanie Flinn

Angie Franks.webm

Angie Franks

Jimmy Frisby.webm

Jim Frisby

Karen Fuller.mp4

Karen Fuller

Michelle Fyfe.mp4

Michelle Fyfe

Scott Gallagher.webm

Scott Gallagher

Melissa Geurian.webm

Melissa Geurian

Leann Girshner.mp4

Leann Girshner

John Gossett.webm

John Gossett

Ashley Grisso.mp4

Dr. Ashley Grisso

Luke Gromer.webm

Luke Gromer

Emily Guadagnini.mp4

Emily Guadagnini

Cathy Gunter.mp4

Cathy Gunter

Mary Haley

Mary Haley

Lory Hall.webm

Lory Hall

Karen Harmon.webm

Karen Harmon

Marion Harris.mp4

Marion Harris

Suki Highers.webm

Suki Highers

Travis Hill.mp4

Travis Hill

Matt Holden.webm

Matt Holden

Michad Holliday.webm

Michad Holliday

Pete Howard Span1.webm

Pete Howard

Spanish 3 video

Jeff Jackson.webm

Jeff Jackson

Michael Jacobs.webm

Michael Jacobs

Debbie Jenkins.mp4

Debbie Jenkins

Colbi Johnson OH Video.mp4

Colbi Johnson

Antha Johnson.mp4

Antha Johnson

Ashley Jones.webm
Kendra Jones.MOV

Kendra Jones

Justin Jordan.webm

Justin Jordan

Stephen Karnes.webm

Stephen Karnes

Tara Kegley

Tara Kegley

Beatriz Kelly.mp4

Beatriz Kelly

Tracy King.mp4

Tracy King

Marinna Krehbiel.mp4

Marinna Krehbiel

James Kunzelmann.mp4

James Kunzelmann

Bill Laney.mp4

Bill Laney

Michael Latham.webm

Michael Latham

Sean Laughlin.mp4

Sean Laughlin

Katie Laws.webm

Katie Laws

Brett Lawson.mp4

Brett Lawson

Brianna Lemmons.webm

Brianna Lemmons

Brad Lindley.webm

Brad Lindley

Kele Luigs.webm

Kele Luigs

Morgan Luther.webm

Morgan Luther

Victoria Magdefrau.mp4

Victoria Magdefrau

Nate Magre.webm

Nate Magre

Tom Buttry.mp4

Allison Martens

LONG TERM SUB - Tom Buttry

Leslie Martin.webm

Leslie Martin

Cincy Mathis.webm

Cincy Mathis

Amy Matthews

Amy Matthews

Lane McCullough.mp4

Lane McCullough

Julie McKinniss.webm

Julie McKinniss

Tim McKuin.mp4

Timothy McKuin

Meagan Metts.webm

Meagan Metts

Melody Mills.webm

Melody Mills

Lori Mizanin.webm

Lori Mizanin

Amy Moore.mp4

Amy Moore

Clay Morton.webm

Clay Morton

Jordan Neal.mp4

Jordan Neal

Joe Newhall.mp4

Dr. Joe Newhall

Coty Nichols.webm

Coty Nichols

Suzette Noble.mp4

Suzette Noble

Neil Norberg.webm

Neil Norberg

Jeff O'Connell.webm

Jeff O'Connell

Matt Parker.MOV

Matt Parker

Mat Peterson.webm

Mat Peterson

Casper Petty.webm

Casper Petty

Darin Phelan.webm

Darin Phelan

Jessica Phelan.mp4

Jessica Phelan

Amber Pinter.webm

Amber Pinter

Ann Polson.webm

Ann Polson

Erin Portmann.webm

Erin Portmann

Michael Post.mp4

Michael Post

Christina Pruitt.mp4

Christina Pruitt

Rashel Quintanilla.webm

Rashel Quintanilla

Scott Rainer.pdf

Scott Rainer

Magan Randall.webm

Magan Randall

Heather Ratchford.mp4

Heather Ratchford

Jami Reed.mp4

Jami Reed

Marc Reif.mp4

Marc Reif

Jonathan Reyes.webm

Jonathan Reyes

Ellen Reynolds.webm

Ellen Reynolds

Kelly Riley.webm

Kelly Riley

Vic Rimmer.webm

Vic Rimmer

Laura Ring.webm

Laura Ring

Jordan Rose.webm

Jordan Rose

Leslie Roye.webm

Leslie Roye

James Russell.webm

James Russell

Steve Schaefer.webm

Steve Schaefer

Brooke Schafer.webm

Brooke Schafer

Angie Schuck.mp4

Angie Schuck

Campbell Shelton.webm

Campbell Shelton

Cameron Simpkins.webm

Cameron Simpkins

Alex Smith.MOV

Alex Smith

Sarah Sone.webm

Sarah Sone

Gregg Spivey.webm

Gregg Spivey

Brad Stamps.webm

Brad Stamps

Summer Stevens.webm

Summer Stevens

Diane Stinebaugh.mp4

Diane Stinebaugh

Linda Stocker.webm

Linda Stocker

Jordan Strayhorn.webm

Jordan Strayhorn

Nathan Strayhorn.mp4

Nathan Strayhorn

Gail Striegler.webm

Gail Striegler

Katie Stueart.webm

Katie Stueart

Taylor Tarbutton.webm

Taylor Tarbutton

Renee Tate.webm

Renee Tate

Breanna Taylor

Breanna Taylor

Stephen Teague.webm

Stephen Teague

Joe Thoma.mp4

Joe Thoma

Pre-Calculus Mrs. Thomas Virtual Meet the Teacher

Kim Thomas

Mike Thomas.MOV

Michael Thomas

Elizabeth Thomas-Gammill.webm

Elizabeth Thomas-Gammill

Isaac Townsend.mp4

Isaac Townsend

Ryan Tremain.webm

Ryan Tremain

Shanna Troutt.mov

Shanna Troutt

Linda Turner.webm

Linda Turner

William VanDelinder

Jessica Vest.mp4

Jessica Vest

Melissa Watts.mov

Melissa Watts

Bree Waymack.webm

Bree Waymack

H. B. Whitaker.mp4

HB Whitaker

Susan Whitley.mp4

Susan Whitley

Jay Wilkinson.mp4

Jay Wilkinson

Andy Williams.mp4

Andy Williams

Scott Williams.webm

Scott Williams

Sarah Williamson.webm

Sarah Williamson

Amanda Williford.webm

Amanda Williford

Rusty Winfield.mov

Rusty Winfield

Teddi Wood.webm

Teddi Wood

Ely Yale.mp4

Ely Yale

Drew Yoakum.webm

Drew Yoakum