Fayetteville Choir

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Junior high Choir

At the junior high level, students are officially introduced to choir in a formal setting. Whether you are a beginning singer or someone more advanced, there is a class for you! Choir members will explore and develop skills through preparation and participation in four performances throughout the year. Areas of focus are healthy vocal production, sight-reading, and singing as a group. Both junior high choral programs are led by award-winning directors, and have a tradition of earning Division I ratings in both performance and sight-reading.

Junior High Classes offered:

7th & 8th Concert Tenor/Bass Choir

7th & 8th Concert Treble Choir

7th & 8th Advanced Tenor/Bass Choir

7th Advanced Treble Choir

8th Advanced Treble Choir

High School Choir

Choir culminates at Fayetteville High School with many advanced opportunities for vocal study and performance. FHS choir members have a rich tradition of earning top honors at both all-region and all-state. In addition to formal concerts, each year students put on a Madrigal Feast in December and a singing showcase called That Choir Thing This Weekend in the spring. FHS Choirs, led by two award-winning directors, have performed at the Kennedy Center, Disney World, Carnegie Hall and have achieved national recognition including such awards as Regional and State Division I ratings, “Best in Class” Awards at the Alamo Showcase, Disney Music Festival, and Music City Choral Festival.

High School Classes Offered:

9th Junior Varsity Treble Choir

9th Varsity Treble Choir

9th Varsity Tenor/Bass Choir

10th-12th Concert Treble Choir

10th-12th Select Treble Choir

10th-12th Select Tenor/Bass Choir

10th-12th Bravo Choir

11th-12th A Cappella Choir

11th-12th Encore Choir


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