Suggested Equipment

Internet Access Required: To access all essential services, you will need a device with high-speed Internet access. Devices with cellular data service may have mixed results. More about Internet Access

suggested devices

Devices running Windows 10, MacOS, iOS and iPadOS are compatible with all ESU essential systems listed below:

  • Canvas

  • Zoom

  • Office 365 (Office apps)

  • SkyLab

  • Google Drive (file storage)

  • Microsoft OneDrive (file storage)

Windows OS icon

Windows Laptop

  • Windows 10

  • Office

Mac OS icon


  • MacOS Catalina

  • Office

Graphic of an iPad

iPad / iPhone

  • Any iPad that supports iPadOS (iOS 13, Fall 2019 updates)

  • External keyboard recommended


While you can accomplish most tasks on devices running ChromeOS, the following services are not supported on all Chromebooks.

  • SkyLab

  • Zoom

specialized software

You should be notified by your instructor if there is specialized software specific to a course, including those already part of SkyLab. For more information on this topic, see Computer Labs + Specialized Software.

Internet service

Most software and services require high-speed Internet access. If you don't have Internet access, check with local ISP's (Internet Service Providers) for any promotions or deals that they may be offering. Avoid any long-term contracts, but most have short-term or month-to-month options that could be a great convenience until we return to face-to-face learning.

Here are a few possible options to review:

Another option is to check out your local library. They may have free Internet access or publicly-accessible computer for use or checkout. Just remember to follow CDC Guidance on keeping yourself safe, especially in public spaces.

other equipment resources + checkout

Students should check with faculty members on the availability of any emergency resources or equipment. IT will work with faculty to assist with emergency resources in any way possible. See our page on equipment checkout for more details.