Dr. Marcia Schulmeister, Ph.D., P.G.

Irrigation, agricultural chemicals, and unstable slopes. Phu Tab Burg, Thailand

About me:

Ph.D., The University of Kansas (Geology/Hydrogeology)

M.S., Michigan State University (Geology/Geochemistry)

B.S., University of Illinois (Geology)

Before joining ESU, I worked professionally as a geologist, and also had some unique teaching experiences. Please click here to learn more about my professional background.

Awards and Titles:

ESU's Hydrogeology On-campus Teaching and Research Station

Emporia State is the only university in Kansas with a hydrogeology teaching and research station located right in the middle of campus. In addition to its Neosho River access, it hosts 12 monitoring wells, 6 multilevel samplers, lysimeters, and 5 buried "mystery targets" used for demonstrating hydrogeophysical methods. To read all about ESU's field-based program click here. The "Hands-on" experience gained at this site has helped many ESU students gain employment in environmental geology jobs (see Students)