About Newsstand

Have you ever needed a way to showcase a publication, guide or document in a way that is easy for your users to access? Enter Newsstand, ESU's new service for doing just that powered by Issuu. Working like a magazine rack, your document can be added to the newsstand or embedded in your own website, social media feed, email or wherever you'd like to add it.

How it works:

1) You send us your document in PDF format along with info in the submission form.

2) We'll work the IT magic to add it to the Issuu site.

3) We send you the embed code or link (or we can help you add it to your website or Hornet Site.)


  • Newsstand is available at no cost to ESU departments, student groups, faculty, etc.
  • Newsstand is mobile and touch friendly. Browse your documents like you were reading a printed book or magazine!
  • Users can read your document from their browser or download a PDF version to read offline!
  • All publications in Newsstand are available on the Internet. If you need a secure way of sharing a document, please contact us.