Content Guidelines


Hornet TV serves as a visual communication medium to inform students, faculty, staff, and visitors about events occurring at Emporia State University. Standard information displayed includes (but is not limited to): programs, meetings and activities at ESU; up-to-date weather information; campus news; television and livestream event feeds; important current events; campus facts and emergency messages.

Secondarily, Hornet TV offers the opportunity for campus organizations and Emporia State departments to publicize events or broadcast announcements that are of student interest or student-oriented in nature.

Digital signage may be used on a limited basis for sponsorship announcements associated with University events.

Hornet TV is the official visual communications and digital signage platform of Emporia State University. Competing services may not be deployed.

Digital displays should not be shut off after hours.


Digital signage displays are located throughout the campus in strategic areas to capture a wide audience.

All Hornet TV content is available via the Hornet TV website, YouTube channel, social media platforms, or via email subscription.

Understanding Components

Each part of Hornet TV is a channel.

The main “campus channel” includes content from all aspects of ESU internal communications. It consists of the following components:

  • Public website (powered by Wix)
  • YouTube channel (powered by YouTube)
  • Hornet Announcements (powered by Blogger and MailChimp)
  • Interactive and non-interactive signage content (powered by Rise Vision)
  • Snapchat and Twitter feeds
  • 24 x 7 Live channel (powered by YouTube)
  • Public newsfeeds (content provided by various public feeds)
  • Emergency alerts

Campus organizations, departments or other ESU-recognized groups may submit content to their own channel.

Channel owners may select the components that make up their channel.

  • Public HTV webpage (powered by Wix)
  • YouTube channel (powered by YouTube)
  • Hornet Announcements (powered by Blogger)
  • Interactive and non-interactive signage content (powered by Rise Vision) (additional costs apply)
  • Optional social media and other content

Displaying Digital Posters and Video

Digital displays broadcast the standard information described above, as well as student-oriented content originating from campus organizations and departments within Emporia State University. Digital signs display a maximum of 25 slides or messages per rotation cycle. Requests may consist of no more than 2 slides or messages displayed concurrently. Videos on digital signs should not exceed 2 minutes. Longer videos may be aired on the live YouTube version of Hornet TV.

If the total number of requests exceeds 25 slides or messages, content from registered student organizations will receive first priority. Remaining submissions will be prioritized according to relation to the University’s mission, time-sensitivity of message, campus-wide scope of involvement, and interest or relevance to student audience.

There is no limit on text announcements (Hornet Announcements or individual channel announcements).


The creation of content for Hornet TV requires consideration of technical, legal and aesthetic factors. The technical considerations relate to the system's capabilities and limitations. Legal considerations relate to compliance with appropriate copyright laws. Aesthetic considerations relate to making any digital slides and digital videos visually interesting and effective. Aspect ratios for displaying, graphic readability, balance, color, software compatibility, graphics, backgrounds, etc. will also be evaluated, when applicable. Content should be intended for campus audiences and may not:

  • Endorse a political issue or candidate.
  • Contain religious content.
  • Promote or condone behavior that violates University policies and/or values, or local, state, or federal law.
  • Encourage the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages or of tobacco-related products. Announcements that do not promote these products but encourage moderation and responsible use are permissible.
  • Infringe on the copyrighted or trademarked works of others. Copyrighted and trademarked materials may include, but are not limited to, logos, digital images, photographs, paintings, movies, videos and written works.
  • Include commercial advertisements for businesses, organizations, entities or individuals not associated with the University.
  • Content that does not fulfill these requirements will not be displayed. Content is posted to the campus channel at the discretion of IT. Content posted to department/organizational channels is at the discretion of the identified channel owner. Any content may be reviewed by the Chief Marketing Officer and/or their designee, who reserves the right to refuse, edit, or remove content for any reason.

Technical Specifications

Submitting organizations, including channel owners, are responsible for design, production and timely submission of slides, videos or written messages. All content must be submitted broadcast-ready in accordance with the following technical specifications:

  • Digital posters must be in .png, .jpg or .tif file formats. PDF’s cannot be accepted.
  • All digital posters must be in 16:9 format, 1920 x 1080 pixels and in a horizontal orientation.
  • All video submissions should comply with YouTube guidelines.
  • All videos should be at least 30 frames per second, landscape format and in .mp4 format.
  • Recommended slide resolution is 150 dpi.
  • Written messages for ticker displays may not exceed 240 characters.


Submissions should be made via the Hornet TV website. The type of content submission will determine the method used


Hornet TV is a subscription service billed annually at the beginning of the fiscal year. The cost for using or displaying Hornet TV is detailed in the table below.

Plan One

Plan Two

Plan Three

· Public HTV webpage (powered by Wix)

· YouTube channel (powered by YouTube)

· Hornet Announcements (powered by Blogger)

· Public HTV webpage (powered by Wix)

· YouTube channel (powered by YouTube)

· Hornet Announcements (powered by Blogger)

· Non-interactive signage (powered by Rise Vision)

· Optional social media and other content

· (Costs are calculated per sign)

· Public HTV webpage (powered by Wix)

· YouTube channel (powered by YouTube)

· Hornet Announcements (powered by Blogger)

· Interactive signage (powered by Rise Vision)

· Optional social media and other content

· (Costs are calculated per sign)


One-time Startup Cost:

HDTV: $500

PC Player: $800

Annual Cost: $300

One-time Startup Cost:

ELO 42” Display: $2400

PC Player: $800

Wix: $168

Annual Cost: Hardware $650, Wix $168

BYOS Model: (covers PC refresh)*

$160 /yr

BYOS Model: (covers PC refresh/Wix subscription)*

$328 /yr.

*TV or display must be approved by IT before purchase. Department is also responsible for purchasing mount.

IT is responsible for ongoing support and refresh of the PC player and the display unless the BYOS (bring your own display) model is selected, in which IT will only be responsible for the PC player. In the BYOS plan, the sign owner is responsible for replacing the display should it malfunction, no longer support the signage software or become technologically obsolete.

New Subscriptions/Installments

New subscriptions can be made via the Hornet TV website. Please allow up to two weeks for channel deployment. Subscriptions requiring digital signage hardware installation may take up to 6 months for full implementation.

By default, new digital signs require 2 power connections and one Ethernet. In some cases, wireless networking may be substituted at IT’s assessment of signal and content requirements. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to request installation of power and Ethernet.


If a subscription is cancelled, the monitor will show the basic Hornet TV channel content and Information Technology will assume the responsibility of maintaining the display and related costs. IT may choose to discontinue the service in this location and remove the hardware.

Questions or Comments

Questions or comments should be referred to Brian Osbourn, Director, Web & Digital Strategies.