Plains Talk Archive

Plains Talk

In 1982, with the support of the Friends of the Plains, the Center produced their first Public Service Announcement under the title Plains Talk. Over the following ten years, the Center would go on to produce 450 segments which aired weekly on radio stations throughout the Great Plains. Again, with the generous assistance of the Friends organization, the Center was able to digitize these :30 segments and make them available world-wide through our website.

26 Denver

27 Horse Plague

28 Cattle Guards

29 Sod Houses

30 Rodeo Cowboys

31 Shelter

32 Bloodhounds

33 Henry Stanley

34 Opera Houses

35 10 State Trees

36 Rodeos

37 State Symbols

38 James Welch

39 Wind

40 Combines

41 Sense of Humor

42 Train Wreck

43 Cowboy Hall of Fame

44 Anvil Shooting

45 Grasslands

46 Bricks

47 Rodeos

48 Cattle Guards

49 Railroad Cuisine

50 Tommy Drum Saloon