Wayne Rhodus

As a nearly lifelong resident of the state of Kansas it would be fair to say that I have heartland roots and values. Raised on the outskirts of Kansas City there was ample time in my youth to wander the hills and streams with friends as we searched endlessly to quench youthful curiosity.

Most nature photographers share first and foremost the love of all things natural. Like many others, I share a burning desire to experience firsthand the flora and fauna of our earth while striving to understand mankind's intimate role in the preservation of the vanishing natural species. Whether wandering in my National Wildlife Federation Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat or roaming the wild places and national parks of our country, I'm driven to record the beauty and diversity of nature's boundless miracles.

Time spent photographing in the natural world evolved into a desire to share my personal vision with others. While nature photography is a uniquely personal experience between the photographer and the natural environment, my hope is that my images may inspire others to immerse themselves in nature and reconnect with the sights, smells and sounds that permeate the earth.

Great Plains Images

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