Jason Waite

I was born and grew up in eastern Kansas and spent much of my youth hunting and fishing. I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in agronomy at Kansas State University with a special interest in crop production. I am also working as a ranch hand helping with a stocker herd in the Flint Hills. Photography fit with my passion for the outdoors. Being educated in Agronomy as well as spending time at the ranch gave me a better understanding of the environment and how to photograph it. Being in the native grass pastures in the Flint Hills and Kansas farm ground, you see breathtaking vistas every day, but how and when you go about capturing them is the challenge. Most of my photography experience has been trial and error, having had no formal photography training. Around 90% of my photographs are taken while in my day to day activities. This makes the photo more meaningful because of the stories behind the picture.

Flint Hills Photographs