Important Information


Please make sure you send in a note as soon as possible whenever your child is absent from school.


*Birthday celebrations will be short and sweet!

*You are more than welcome to send in treats for your child’s birthday, but please make arrangements with me at least one week ahead of time.

*Please be aware that all treats must be nut free due to allergies.

*Celebrations will be held either at the beginning of the day after announcements or the end of the day before specials.

*Birthday party invitations may only be distributed before or after school.

*Teachers are not allowed to distribute any sort of invitation to students.

Dismissal Changes

If making a last minute change, please make sure you contact the office before 2:00. You may also email the teacher in advance or send a note for a dismissal change.

Fresh Grade

*Fresh Grade is an online portfolio that will be used to capture your child’s activities and assessments to show their progress throughout the school year.

*You will receive and email invitation to create your Fresh Grade account.

*Fresh Grade is available online or as an app.

*Notifications will let you know when your child’s portfolio is updated.

*We strongly encourage you to follow your child’s portfolio on Fresh Grade, so that you can see their progress throughout the year.


*Your child is expected to read at least 20 minutes a night.

*Your child may come home with reading assignments in their book bag. It is very important that your child brings their book bag back to school the following school day.

*Your child will also have weekly spelling words. We encourage writing the weekly spelling word or practicing them on

*Your child will also have math practice twice a week.

*Occasionally, additional special homework projects will be assigned. More information on these assignments will be sent home as they arise.

*Your child may also logon to Istation Reading or Math for extra practice from home, but it is not required.


We work on building independence in second grade. We encourage you to help your child build their independence, by allowing them to walk to class alone, holding them accountable for completing their homework, etc.


Balls and toys are not allowed at recess. Please encourage your child to leave these items at home.

Snack & Lunch


We will have snack every day. Please make sure your child has a healthy snack. Students may only have water bottles in the classroom. Please save juices or any other drinks for the cafeteria.


Please make sure your child brings a lunch or has lunch money on his/her account. If you come to eat lunch with your child, you can meet him/her at the cafeteria. Due to space in the cafeteria, parents must sit outside the cafeteria with their children.


Chromebooks and ipads are used in our classroom. Please be aware that using technology is a privilege. If your student is using a device inappropriately, they may lose the privilege to use technology. Students may bring their own device on rainy days when we have indoor recess.