NMS Choir

NMS Choir is committed to creating accountable, musical and creative musicians.

Ms. H and Buddy getting some tacos this summer.

Ms. Hostetter

Choir Director

B.M. Music Education, University of North Texas


office phone: (972) 347 - 7587

Ms. H is a traveler, reader, dog lover (obviously), and a professional singer in the DFW metroplex. Her dog Buddy holds the majority of her heart, but the rest goes to music and teaching. She graduated from University of North Texas - College of Music with her Bachelor in Music Education, and studied both Kodaly and Orff methods while in school.

This summer, Ms. H did some singing, visited her family in Illinois (so her parents could see the Granddog), traveled to Albuquerque NM, and to Trondheim, Norway. She also spent a lot of time playing with Buddy, her favorite person and dog, and of course preparing for an amazing school year.

She is super excited to begin her 2nd year at Navo Middle School and can't wait to grow as a musician with her students.



SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19 at Adams MS in Haslet, TX

Region Forms are DUE THIS WEEK. $10 audition fee, please let me know if your student needs to be sponsored.

Please be aware that students will have to find their own ride. They CAN carpool, and students will audition during a block time.

Ex. Block 1 8-9AM; check in 7:30. Meaning the student will audition between 8 and 9 and will be done by 9AM.



Please expect information on call times!