McMath Choir

Shelly Swafford


1st Period-6th Grade Treble (8:15-9:02) 6th Period-6th Grade Boys (1:06-1:53)

2nd Period-6th Grade Treble (9:06-9:53) 7th Period-Varsity Treble (1:57-2:44)

3rd Period-Non-Varsity Treble(9:57-10:50) 8th Period-Tenor/Bass Choir (2:48-3:35)


The mission of the McMath Middle School Choral Program is to develop a committed choral community of the highest quality so that all members may experience the joy of singing.


  • To promote, provide, and encourage interest and participation in choral music.
  • To develop the individual voice and an understanding of its relation to the choral ensemble.
  • To foster confidence through creative self-expression.
  • To increase and develop musical skills and knowledge.
  • To instill value of effort, sacrifice, cooperation, fellowship, self-discipline and dedication.
  • To instill a sense of pride in the school, the choir program, and in the individual student.