Flipgrid for Elementary

What Is It?

Flip grid is a web-based video platform that enhances the learning experience for teachers and students. Students create video responses based on specific questions posed by the teacher, or facilitator of the learning as well as respond to each other’s videos getting everyone involved.

What Do You Need?

§ Technology devices in your classroom (Chromebooks, Laptops, iPads, or BYOD)

§ Your device will need a camera and microphone

§ Headphones can also be an asset, but are not required

§ District wifi

§ Teacher Google education account

§ Specific open-ended questions that do not have a set answer (The goal is to spark a discussion)

Teacher How To Video

Quick Tips

  • Take a look at the differences between a free account and the paid version. You may notice that you are able to engage you students and facilitate the lessons without paying for the service.
  • Each "Grid" is a classroom or content area.
  • Students Do Not need accounts to access videos posted by the teacher.
  • The discussion facilitator can set the account to approve videos before they are posted to the class.
  • Grids can be locked down to a specific domain like @g.dentonisd.org.
  • Flipgrid now has Microsoft’s Immersive Reader to help dyslexic students.

Additional Resources