Operation drumstick

Operation Drumstick is an annual event put on by the Corps where Cadets donate any thanksgiving foods such as canned foods, pumpkin pie, frozen turkeys, and ready to make mash potatoes to donate and benefit families that are less fortunate. TSgt Lee A. Dorman can be seen as well as other cadets who volunteered to come out and help with Operation Drumstick.

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VETERANS day golden corral

Every year on November the 12th, golden corral celebrates and thanks veterans by providing a free meal. On the same day, cadets volunteer their own time and help out the staff. From everything to serving drinks to dealing with dishes, cadets help any and all ways possible to help veterans and staff.

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Altus air force base field trip

Another annual event that the Crops put on is the Altus Air Force Base. The cadets take a bus to Altus Oklahoma to the nearby Air Force base. there they have fun either on the ground or in the air. They are able to see everything from base construction to seeing K-9 units training. All cadets enjoy the trip and look forward to it every year.

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Senior night

Senior night is a night where we celebrate honorable seniors as they walk down the football field during halftime. Our cadet seniors walk down the field showing pride for both the corps and their own achievements in life, school, and the corps.