Denton ISD Library

Library Handbook

Final Due Dates 2020-2021

Elementary Students - 5/21/2021 Secondary Students - 5/14/2021 Faculty/Staff - 5/21/2021

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Vision of Denton ISD School Libraries:

Libraries school libraries are essential interactive collaborative learning environments, ever evolving to provide equitable physical and virtual access to ideas, information, and learning tools for the entire school community.

Mission of Texas School Libraries

Certified librarians and trained staff nurture a culture of literacy and inquiry throughout the school community. An integral part of instructional teams, librarians are teachers who collaborate with teachers on curriculum design and delivery. They maintain a professionally developed collection of print and digital materials and assist learners in locating resources that match their academic and personal interests. Librarians model and teach information literacy and digital citizenship, empowering learners to make ethical, informed choices in an increasingly complex and evolving global environment.

Common Beliefs of Denton ISD School Libraries

1. School libraries promote information literacy requiring targeted instruction to efficiently locate, accurately evaluate, ethically use, and clearly communicate information in various formats.

2. School libraries provide access to information for inquiry including the pursuit, creation, and sharing of knowledge, and support for both student and professional learning.

3. School libraries support reading for learning and pleasure which are essential skills for college and career readiness and for life.

4. School libraries are vital technology centers, providing access to devices and online resources, supporting personalized learning, and teaching digital literacy including privacy, safety, etiquette, creative credit, cyber bullying, and creating a positive digital footprint.

5. School libraries are essential, safe, and inviting centers for teaching and learning.

6. School libraries are effective when staffed by full-time, certified school librarians at every school, supported by trained paraprofessionals.