Withdrawal Information

Student Withdrawal

State law requires children, ages 6-19, to attend school each day that instruction is provided. To ensure that your child remains in compliance with state and local attendance guidelines, please make sure that you enroll your child in another educational setting immediately after withdrawing them from a Denton ISD campus.

Q: If I am withdrawing my child, do I need to request withdrawal records?

When you withdraw from Denton ISD to enroll in another Texas public school district or charter school, the receiving school will request your student’s records through a state system titled, Texas Records Exchange (TREx). It is not necessary to hand carry your student’s records to the new school, TREx will electronically transmit your student’s records to their new campus. If you withdraw in-person, you will receive a withdrawal packet to take to the receiving campus.

Q: What if I am withdrawing to a school outside of Texas or a private school?

When you withdraw from Denton ISD to enroll in a school outside of Texas or a private school, the new school will usually request records by mail, phone, email, or fax. Once that request is received at the campus, your child’s records will be sent to the receiving school.

Q: How do I withdraw my child(ren) to homeschool?

According to the Texas Education Agency, homeschool students should be withdrawn by school officials when the school receives written notice, either by 1) signing a homeschool withdrawal form (Exhibit J), or 2) by providing a letter of withdrawal including the following components:

Homeschool Withdrawal Letters must include:

1) The homeschool start date

2) A statement that the student will be homeschooled

3) A handwritten signature from the parent or legal guardian

The Exhibit J or homeschool withdrawal letter, with all three elements are to be returned, either in-person or by email, to the campus Registrar. The homeschool Exhibit J can be found below.

Homeschool - Click here to view (Exhibit J) - English

Homeschool - click here to view (Exhibit J) - Spanish

Q: What if I am unable to come to the campus to withdraw my student(s)?

While it is our desire that all withdrawals are in-person, we know that can not always be the case. Therefore, if you are unable to come to the campus and to withdraw your student/s in-person, we ask that you complete the following Withdrawal Notification Form and submit to your student/s' campus registrar. Please also attach a photo ID for identification purposes.

Click here to view the Withdrawal Notification & Intent Form - English

Click here to view the Withdrawal Intent Form - Spanish

Q: How long do I have to register in another school/district?

If Denton ISD does not receive a Request for Records or Verification of Enrollment (VOE) from another school/district, the district is required, under compulsory attendance laws, to implement the truancy process with the student and/or the parent. This may include a referral to truancy court if the student receives unexcused or unverified absences for 10 or more days in a 6-month period or is not enrolled in school or another educational setting immediately after withdrawing from Denton ISD.

Q: Can parents/guardians request withdrawal or other records, if needed?

Additional records requests may be made at any time by the parent, legal guardian of the student, or by the student legally deemed an adult. Records may be requested in writing by completing the Parent Request for School Records' Form (see link below) and emailing it to the campus where the child is enrolled. In order to ensure a timely response, please note that requests made during the summer months will be subject to campus personnel’s available duty days.

Click here to view the Parent Request for School Records' Form - English

Click here to view the Parent Request for School Records' Form - Spanish

Q: How do I request a Verification of Enrollment (VOE) Form?

A parent/guardian may make a VOE, Verification of Enrollment, request in writing from their child's campus as proof of enrollment for driver's education, Child Support, Social Security Benefits, or Insurance Benefits, etc.

Q: What if my student/s still have district issued equipment or devices?

Upon or prior to withdrawal, students must turn in all district issued textbooks, classroom issued books, library books, technology, and any equipment/uniforms issued from coaches/directors. If district issued materials are not returned, parents/guardians and/or students may be subject to a fine and temporary holding of transcripts and/or report cards.