RCMS spanish

Mrs. Graves

Welcome to the RCMS Spanish website!

About Mrs. Graves

Phone: 940-369-4775

Email: cgraves2@dentonisd.org

Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

Secondary Education Certification

Tutorial Times

7:40 am-8:10 am Tuesday, Wednesday

3:35 pm-4:00 pm Monday, Tuesday

Reassessments may be done at any tutorial.

Friday mornings are for Reassessments only.


Spanish students will conduct themselves in accordance with the RCMS Code of Conduct. Consequences for misconduct:

    • Conference with student
    • 2 Warning Write-ups in class log
    • Detention
    • Office Referral

Non-Academic Work/Behaviors: Work or behaviors that are not supported by the standards are considered non-academic. Students will have homework. Students will have due dates and deadlines. Students’ actions that impede the learning process such as: not completing assignments/not participating in class, chronically turning in late work, etc. may be met with disciplinary measures that include, but are not limited to: Parent Contact, Teacher Detention/Tutorial, Saturday School, ISS.

Academic Integrity: Cheating or plagiarism will not be tolerated. This includes copying another’s homework, copying from the internet, representing another’s work as your own or using a web translator to work in or outside of the classroom. The use of a translator in an assignment will result in a zero with no opportunity to reassess. Translator may be used only when specified by a teacher. Translation dictionaries are to be used during practice work when necessary. Please review Denton ISD’s Academic Integrity Policy in the Student Code of Conduct for more details.


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