DMS Library

The Landing Page for All Things library

If you have further questions, email Mrs. Zipp.

library catalog

1. click Danville Middle School

2. choose "catalog" tab

3. start finding our books

Audible and ebooks

Sora is both a website and an APP.

1. choose "Comal ISD" as your school

2. login is just like you log into our computers at school

3. find what you'd like to listen to or read and "borrow"

4. you get the book for 14 days and then it will return automatically, or you can return sooner if you finish

finding book series

My favorite website to find what book comes next in a series, or what other books an author has written. These books may not all be in our library, but you can ask Mrs. Zipp to add it to the order list if you'd like to see it in our library.