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PAL Leaders & ASC Tutors

Hiring for Fall 2024 has concluded. 

All applications are now being held for Spring 2025.

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Applicant Information page.

"You get to meet so many new people, learn about how you learn, and really dive deep into the subject matter.  I knew that chemistry would be a constant throughout my time at school, so I really wanted to deeply understand the material.  It is also rewarding knowing you are helping other people, but the job is also not too stressful!"

-Current ASC Tutor

"I really enjoy my sessions, helping students better understand the material is incredibly rewarding to me. I like that I have a lot of flexibility with my sessions, and can get creative with the activities I plan. I also enjoy that I have greatly improved my leadership and social skills and honestly public speaking as well, I never thought I would ever be this comfortable with speaking in front of a large group of my peers. "

-Current PAL Leader

Benefits of being an ASC peer leader: