Enhancing Multimedia

Multimedia Signal Processing Lab., Chuo University


  • Home page has been renewed [09.09.2019]
  • Our paper on focal stack refocusing has been accepted to ACPR2019 [01.09.2019]
  • Our paper titled "Cauchy aperture and perfect reconstruction filters for extended depth-of-field from focal stack " has been accepted to IEICE transactions on information and systems [04.07.2019]
  • Asami Ito won the best student presentation award at Technical Group on Media Engineering (ME) [03.2019]

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About Us

Our research topics:

  • Image reconstruction / Image-based rendering / Super-resolution
  • Image capturing systems / Computational photography / Digital refocusing / Light fields signal processing
  • Image and video compression / Optimum quantization
  • Audio signal pattern recognition and classification
  • Camera calibration / Eye tracking / Face recognition / Person identification / Walking authentication
  • VR/AR/MR applications

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