Media Production Club!!

Welcome to Media Production Club!

We have just started Media Production club, and we are excited to show you all the exciting things that are going on at LCE!

September 20th 2018.

We will be posting different things every week. Including LCE news, Tweets on Twitter, and obviously blogs. We will be posting twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So we will be talking to you guys next week.

October 4 2018

Today we have updated the blog page and the video page so go and check them out! And check out the blog page because we have our Color Run and about LCE families. If you don't what that is, go check it out.

December 6, 2018

By Mikey Harris

We are currently working on our winter video. In the video, we will talk about how to wrap a present, places you can sled and ski, a funny skit, and how to make holiday shaped pb&j sandwiches.

Girls on the Run January 24th, 2019

It's time once again! Time for Girls on the Run at LCE! If you are interested, read further on for more information.

Registration opened on January 21st and ends on February 20th. Practices are on Monday and Wednesday every evening at 4:00 to 5:15. If you decide to sign up, you get a Girls on the Run T-shirt and water bottle. Every meeting, you get snacks! They have a 5k race on May 11th in Downtown St. Louis. If you have any more questions, ask Ms. Landwehr in room 28. We hope you join Girls on the Run!

Written by, Sophia

Mikey Harris

April, 16th, 2019

This year the class of 2026 will be graduating LCE. Some of us will be going to Dubray Middle, and some of us will be going to South Middle School. This year, 5th grade has done so many fun things. We went to fifth grade camp and graduated DARE. We will be doing the egg drop, and we will be walking the halls on the last day of school. It has been a great year! We can't wait for middle school!