Google Classroom

Joining and Accessing Google Classroom for the First Time

  • Students will be invited to join Google Classroom via your school email at the beginning of the school year.
  • We highly recommend that parents also join Google Classroom to keep up with your child's progress in class. Parents will be invited to join Google Classroom via the email address you provided to the school.
  • The easiest way to access Google Classroom is to download the app for your smart device. Just search "Google Classroom" in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.
  • You can also access Google Classroom online at

Recording Playing Quizzes

Prepare for Recording

  1. Have your music ready to go so there is no wasted time during your recording.
  2. Open the Camera app on your device. Switch to the Video setting.
  3. Place your device a few feet from you. We do not need to see you in the video, just hear you.

Record Playing Quiz

  1. Hit the "Record" button.
  2. Once recording, state the following information in order:
    • Your name
    • Title of the piece
    • Instrument part (ex. Clarinet 1, Trombone 2)
    • The excerpt your have been assigned to perform (ex. Measures 16-48)
  3. Once you are finished stating the information, begin playing the excerpt. Once finished, stop recording. Android only: Save the video to Google Drive.

Submit Assignment to Google Classroom

  1. Open the Google Classroom app on your device, go to the Playing Quiz assignment, and hit "Add Attachment".
  2. iPhone/iPad: Choose "Pick Photo", find your video, and attach it to the assignment. Android: Choose "Drive", find your video, and attach it to the assignment.
  3. Once the video is attached to the assignment, hit "Submit".
  4. Mark the assignment "Done" before you exit the Google Classroom app.

Other Information

  • If you do not own a smart device or cannot bring your instrument home, you may record and submit your Playing Quiz using the school's handheld recorder. Talk to your teacher about setting up a time to do this.
  • You may only submit one video, so record as many "takes" as you want and submit the best one.
  • The use of a metronome during your recording is not only allowed, but highly encouraged!
  • Late submissions will be accepted for reduced credit until the date of the performance, at which point any assignment that is not turned in will become a zero.