What is a Gateway Reader Selector?

The Gateway Reader Selectors help decide what will be on next year's list of Gateway Readers Award books. The preliminary book list will consist of about 25 books and Reader Selectors will need to read as many books off the list they can by 12/1/19. Then the Reader Selectors rate the books they have read. Those ratings are submitted to Missouri's Gateway Committee where they are averaged with the ratings of other teen readers across the state. The top rated 15 become official Gateway books!

Why would I want to be a Gateway Reader Selector?

The joy of reading so many awesome new books and having your voice heard about future Gateway nominees! BONUS: You will have read all the books on the Gateway list before the next school year and automatically acquire pizza party status for next school year!

How do I sign up?

Click here to fill out an interest form. We'll email you the list and send you reminder