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Financial Support & Sponsorship

Irvington Baseball is looking for financial sponsorships each season that will help support the program.

The program is a 501.(c)3 not for profit entity an all donations are tax deductible.

These Private/Corporate contributions are tax deductible and support the following:

Uniforms (Game and Practice)

Training Equipment (Game and Practice Balls, Tees, Bands, Ropes, Buckets, Dimple Balls, Ladders, Chutes)

Safety Equipment (L-Screens, Replacement Nets, Covers, Tarps)

Field Maintenance (Infield Dirt, Clay, Bases, Seed, Fertilizers, Sprayers, Sprinkler Heads, Hoses, Valves, Herbicides, Shovels, Rakes)

Equipment Maintenance and Repair (Annual Services for Tractors, Edger, Blowers, Fuel)

Vandalism Repair (Solvents, Paint and Materials)

Beyond the satisfaction of helping a positive cause for our student athletes, you also benefit by receiving a Tax Write-Off. On top of that, Irvington Baseball will advertise and fly your business banner (which you provide), on our website and the outfield fence lines for the entire season!

Rainy Weather

If rain is present, check this site for updates or check with your coaches to ensure that the session is cancelled before you just leave! Sometimes practices are taken indoors, covering strategies and chalk talks.

For more information, or to make an inquiry, please contact Frank Durand at


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North Coast Section

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