Donate to Athletics


Irvington Athletes and Parents:

As the Athletic Director at Irvington High School, I wanted to extend information regarding the new paper work and donations solicited by FUSD, Irvington's Athletic Department, and the IHS Athletic Boosters organization to the IHS community. I have directed coaches to discuss donations with the student-athletes, but also wish to send a written clarification to parents.

Although student-athletes are not mandated to pay fees in order to participate in school activities, many extra-curricular programs simply will not be available for students if financial support from outside sources is not secured to supplement district input. We solicit these amounts in order to offset the cost of running our athletic programs.

Irvington's athletic program appreciates and relies on this lifetime financial support through seasonal/annual donations. Please continue to support our efforts to provide extra-curricular opportunities to your children at Irvington. Below is a list of donations we ask of each family:

Check Made Payable To: Reason for donation:

$50.00 FUSD (per sport) Offset cost of after-school Activities to the district

$50.00 IHS Athletics (per sport) Assist in paying for NCS/CIF Fees & Officials.

Helps in the day to day operation of the Athletic Department.

$75.00 IHS Athletic Boosters (per year) See Booster membership form.

eScrip group ID # 3780475 Shares escrip, debit , credit cards

Thank you for your continuing to support Irvington High School Athletics. Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding this letter. We will understand if hardship occurs and will never turn a student-athlete away.. If you have any questions, I can be reached at the numbers located at the bottom of this memo.

Athletic Director: Michelle Stone Principal: Amanda Melsby Irvington High School

Work Phone: 510-687-6386 41800 Blacow Road Fax: 510-440-8527 Fremont, Ca. 94538