Magma Ranch K-8

Magma Ranch K-8 April 2018


8th Grade @ Magma Ranch

Magma Ranch K-8

Magma Ranch K-8

From Mrs. Zazick...

This month in Language Arts we will be continuing to discuss multimedia and how it can be used to spread a positive or important message, and encourage others to take a stand or make a change. We’ll also be getting ready for the AzMerit assessments using fun and engaging ways to review concepts that will be on the tests. We’ll be using digital escape rooms and Jeopardy style games to review. Tutoring will be available by appointment this month. Please contact me with any questions of concerns.

From Mrs. Christ...

In April, students will learn about the concept of a function and why functions are necessary for describing geometric concepts and occurrences in everyday life. Students will learn about the important role functions play in making predictions. Students will be given data that shows that objects do not always travel at a constant speed. We will then provide a formal definition of a function. Students will learn that the assignment of some functions can be described by a mathematical rule or formula. Students will work with functions in real-world contexts. Students will use their knowledge from last quarter to graph linear functions. Students will gain some experience with non-linear functions and identify the graph as something other than a straight line.

Tutoring is available Mondays after school or during lunch by appointment. Throughout this quarter, students will be continuously learning past concepts as cyclical review to prepare for the AzMerit testing.

From Mrs. Nord...

For the month of April, in 8th grade Social Studies we are continuing our study of World War II, and post-War diplomacy. We also will be doing AZMerit and AIMS Science testing and it is very important for your student to be here every testing day prepared to do their best. We are still working on mastering our ability to identify all 50 states as bell work and continue to watch CNN10 in class and have the weekly quiz as homework on Friday. Grades are updated weekly in Parent Vue/Student Vue. Tutoring is available Mondays after school and at lunch by appointment. As a chance to earn ten extra credit points; please have your student ask me for the April AZMerit assignment.

From Mrs. English...

In Science, students will start off by preparing for the AIMS Science test by reviewing topics covered earlier in the year. The test will be on Friday, April 6th. After that, we will be continuing the study of physics by practicing graphing the motion of real world objects. Towards the end of the month, students will be exploring Newton's Laws of Motion by testing them out!

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  • 4/6 AIMS Science Test
  • 4/11 AZ Merit Writing
  • 4/12 SARSEF Competition
  • 4/16 AZ Merit ELA and Math Part 1
  • 4/19 AZ Merit ELA and Math Part 2
  • 4/27 Spring Carnival

Tutoring is available after school by appointment. Please contact your child's teacher.