Magma Ranch K-8

Magma Ranch K-8 April 2018


7th Grade @ Magma Ranch

Magma Ranch K-8

Magma Ranch K-8

From Mrs. Bendel...

In Language Arts for the month of April we will be finishing up our 3rd section of our novel studies on Tangerine by Edward Bloor. We will continue analyzing the choices and consequences the characters are making and the impact it has had on the characters. We will be writing our Literary Analysis Essay that is structured around our novel and character development. Will be taking our AZ Merit Test this month. After our testing is complete we will be starting a poetry unit. Just a reminder that we do have tutoring. If there is not a bus on Mondays, I do offer tutoring during lunch time. If students’ need help or need to work on missing assignments, they need to ask to come in during lunch. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

From Mrs. Nord...

For the month of April, in 7th grade Social Studies we will be looking at the Civil War, beginning with the events that led to it. We also will be doing AZMerit testing and it is very important for your student to be here every testing day prepared to do their best. We are still working on mastering our ability to identify all 50 states as bell work and continue to watch CNN10 in class and have the weekly quiz as homework on Friday. Grades are updated weekly in Parent Vue/Student Vue. Tutoring is available Mondays after school and at lunch by appointment. As a chance to earn ten extra credit points; please have your student ask me for the April AZMerit assignment.

From Mrs. English...

In Science, students will be continuing their study of ecology by describing ecosystems in terms of abiotic and biotic factors, predator/prey relationships, food chains, symbiotic relationships, and other important factors. Students will be working toward developing a model of an ecosystem in which they will work collaboratively to showcase multiple aspects of an ecosystem to better understand the natural world around them .

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Students of the Month: Jesus Arreola Garcia and Leslie Palma Mendoza

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  • 4/11 AZ Merit Writing
  • 4/12 SARSEF Competition
  • 4/16 AZ Merit ELA and Math Part 1
  • 4/19 AZ Merit ELA and Math Part 2
  • 4/27 Spring Carnival

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