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Magma Ranch K-8

Magma Ranch K-8

You matter! Every kid, every day!


  • Nielsen - PE
  • Worthington- Music


  • Nielsen-Music
  • Worthington-Library


  • Nielsen-Library
  • Worthington- Art


  • Nielsen-Art
  • Worthington-Tech


  • Nielsen-Tech
  • Worthington-PE

Language Arts


Review literacy center procedures as well as letter, sound, and sight words.

Spelling words:

  • out
  • time
  • may
  • into
  • him


Writing in complete sentences using capital letters, period, and spaces.

  • I feel lucky when. . .
  • How to catch a . . .


  • Count straws into piles of 10; count the piles as 10 ones.
  • count objects within counts of 10 to 20 and describe as 10 ones and ___ones
  • count and circle 10 objects within images of 10 to 20 objects and describe as 10 ones and ______ones
  • count straws the say ten way to 19; make a pile for each ten.

Science & SS

I can name national symbols and tell how they represent America.

Important Info for Parents:

***Kinder graduation is Friday, May 25th at 9am. Kindergartners go home with parents right afterwards graduation and do not return back to school till July.

***Last day of school for Kindergarten is May 25th after graduation. Kindergarten does not attend school the last week of May.

***Toys from home are NOT allowed at school. Please do not allow your student to bring toys. Toys brought to school will be set aside for parents to pick up.

***Candy is NOT allowed in class. Students with candy in class will be asked to throw it away.

Notes from Teacher

Pleases leave a change of clothes in their backpacks!

Make sure to download the FUSD APP. Grades will be available to view on ParentVue.

***Please have an extra change of clothes in your child's backpack just in case it is needed so you do not have to drive to the school with a change of clothes.

***Disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers, and prize box items are appreciated. If you are able to donate, that would be great!


Please don't forget...

  • Read with you child for 15-20 minutes every night is a requirement for complete homework.
  • Your child will bring home a language arts packet each Monday and it is due that Friday.
  • Homework is important and applies to the Language Arts grade.
  • Check folders for flyers and DOJO about upcoming events and important information!