FPS Staff

Mission Driven..

Mrs. Theresa

Middle School LA theresa.tolbert@furtahprep.orgMy mission is to Edify, Educate, and Empower students to fulfill their destiny in life by providing a level field and opportunity to learn.

"The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual and the significance of his life to himself and to others." ~ Grayson L. Kirk

Mr. Victor

Middle School Math gregory.victor@furtahprep.org
My mission is to create a positive learning atmosphere where all are felt included, respected and free of judgement. I believe there should be no fear in exploring mathematics, as it's in the mistakes we learn the most. Einstein said it best “Not everything that can be counted counts and not every thing that counts can be counted”

Mrs. Works

Elementary LA MS Social Studies katie.works@furtahprep.org

Mrs. Whitney

High School English American LiteratureBritish Literature

My mission is to use literature, language, writing, and theatrical arts to foster creativity and growth as educated individuals, while facilitating an environment of respect, responsibility, and relationship that allows each student the opportunity to achieve success.

Mrs. Renee

Yearbook Art Teacher Pull out Reading renee.boulee@furtahprep.org

My mission is to cultivate self-expression, flexible problem solving and self-discipline, whilst discovering the beauty of cultural diversity through the arts. While also providing engaging opportunities for art production knowing each student has different talents at different levels.

Mr. Young

High School Math anthony.young@furtahprep.org

My mission is to teach my students in such a way that they will grow mathematically, and be able to use the problem-solving processes they learn to help them solve problems in their day to day lives now and in the future. I will also do my best to help each of my students become respectful members of society who desire to help others and improve the world around them.

Mrs. Simons

High School Science TeacherPatricia.simons@furtahprep.org
My mission is to promote a safe learning environment for all students where each student feels comfortable expressing their perspective. I believe that science is best learned through discovery. Therefore, it is my aim to present students with the facts of science while giving opportunity for them to wrestle with the uncertainties of science. I will make it my daily ambition that each student receives a high quality education that extends beyond the classroom and overflows into their daily lives.

Dave Weis

High School HistoryWeight TrainingGov't / Econ
dave.weis@furtahprep.org My mission is to motivate, lead and inspire students to perform better academically, improve as a team player, and ultimately become a better person through attitude, effort and integrity.

Unbelievable!! Attitude is Everything!!

Mrs D. Turner

My mission is to not only assist, but to encourage, motivate and strengthen all students to do their best and maintain self confidence, no matter the challenge. I want them to know that they can always make a difference, and that I will always be there for them.

Mrs. Robinson

Elem Science Elem Spanish Study Skills Stephanie.robinson@furtahprep.org
My mission is to encourage, believe, trust, listen, nurture, and understand my students. My students will know they are important to me. My students will succeed..

Heather Galloway

Business Managerheather.galloway@furtahprep.org

Mrs. Luckie

Front Office mary-lou.luckie@furtahprep.org

Ms. Young

Elementary Math Middle School Science

Tiara Simpkins

Mr. Helton

High School English and Language Arts


My overarching desire is that all students, through the fostering of both an accepting and challenging atmosphere, realize that they matter and have great potential. This is true not only of their academic pursuits, but of their lives in general, and through literary exploration, my hope is that all students experience growth in their respective lives. -Ben Helton

Ms. Shim (Coach K)

Principal and School Counselor


Fred Furtah