Math with

Ms. Treece

Welcome to the home page of Tiffany Treece!

Accelerated Algebra 1 and Precalculus teacher at Chattahoochee High School.


Room: G104

Ms. Treece's Class Schedule:

  1. Precalculus

  2. Planning

  3. Lunch

  4. Precalculus

  5. Accelerated Algebra 1

  6. Accelerated Algebra 1

  7. Accelerated Algebra 1

Classroom Expectations

  • Student wills respect not only the teacher but also themselves, their peers, and school property.

  • Students will be in assigned seat when the bell rings with materials out ready to begin class.

  • Cell phones will be put away and off at all times unless deemed acceptable to use by teacher. If a cell phone is out during instruction, it will be taken away and sent to the front office.

  • No food or drink other than water in the classroom.

Recommended Classroom Supplies:

  • A binder for MATH ONLY with dividers. Please do not combine math with other subjects. Organization is key to success!

  • College Ruled Notebook Paper, Graph Paper, pencils, pens, erasers, etc.

  • TI 30 XS Multiview Calculator, TI 36 XS Multiview Calculator, TI -83, TI – 84, or TI – 84 Plus Calculator