Algebra 2 Support

Welcome to Algebra 2 support!

This year is going to be fun. Algebra 2 support is a class that is here to help increase your confidence in your math abilities. On average test and quizzes will be given 2 days before the Algebra 2 class. This way we have time to go over any mistakes you might have made before being reassessed on the material in your normal Algebra 2 class.

In my classroom we will be using Google classrooms for access to notes, assignments, discussions, etc. If you are unsure on how to access/ navigate this sight, view the video below.

In addition to Google classroom, you will need a Textbook, paper, sharpened pencils(All assignments must be completed in Pencil. ), three-ring binder with 4 dividers: Notes, Homework, Class work, Quizzes and Tests.

Binders will be kept in class and not allowed to leave the classroom. If you do not have a binder, one will be provided for you.

Optional Materials: A scientific calculator TI-30 XS Multiview. I encourage students to get this calculator so that they can practice problems requiring a calculator at home.