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Announcements and Reminders

Stop into my office to pick Terra Nova assessment materials today through April 12th!  

I am located in room 2 of the Fulton Jr. High School.  Pick Up times are 8:30-3:30.

Anyone that did not request Terra Nova assessments using the form will need to provide an appropriate assessment no later than June 30th.  See the Annual Assessment Information document below to be sure you are meeting the requirements for you child's grade level.

Here is the link to the informational document: Annual Assessment Information Link.  Please make sure that you review this document.  

2023-2024 Annual Assessment Timeline

Submit Assessment Form (completed by everyone)       February 5th thru February 26th 

Non-Terra Nova Assessment submitted by                          June 30th 

The below dates are for those that requested Terra Nova materials

Pick Up Terra Nova Assessments                                               March 18th thru April 12th 

Return Terra Nova Assessments                                                May 17th   *NO LATER THAN*

Test Results Mailed to Parents/Guardians                          Over Summer

The district has a new resource for parents called Lens of Learning.  It is a great site designed to allow parents to view what is being taught at each grade level.  We would like to share that with our Homeschooling families.  Feel free to take a look and use it as a guide when creating your homeschool program.  Here is the link: FCSD Lens of Learning Site.  I have also added it to the Important Documents and Links section below.

*Please note, for parents homeschooling a child with an IEP, there are additional regulations.  If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s IEP and services, please contact our SIPSS department at 315-593-5520.

Community Read Announcement!

This year's community read will be all about the upcoming solar eclipse happening April 8th!  Here it the letter emailed to our families.  Stop into my office to pick up your book!

Welcome to the Fulton City School District Homeschool program.  My name is Geri Geitner and along with my assistant Trish Lund, I will be here to assist you.

We have set up this page to not only offer information to our homeschool families regarding announcements, and the New York State Department of Education Regulations, but to make your required reporting easier.

Please, bookmark this site for future use and check back periodically for any news or announcements we have to share with you.  Any updated regulations will also be posted here so you can be kept up to date.  You will also find any forms that you will be required to fill out in the "Submit My Documents" section.  We are encouraging all of our families to submit your documents using these Google Forms.  When you do, you will receive a notice when it is received by our office and also when it is approved, which you can then keep for your records as proof of submission and approval.

We look forward to working with you all and hope you have a wonderful school year!


Mrs. Geri Geitner

Deputy Superintendent

129 Curits St

Fulton, NY 13069



Ms. Trish Lund


Assistant to the Deputy Superintendent


Homeschool Expectations

All those that choose to homeschool their students, will be responsible for meeting the following expectations.  All parents that live in this district, and instruct their students at home (including those using online academies) need to adhere to NYSED regulations, and expectations.

*All standardized test results below the 33rd percentile will be considered inadequate and your program shall be placed on probation for a period of two years.  A remediation plan will then be required to be submitted prior to submitting the IHIP.

Important Information on Record Retention

Please note that according to the NYS Department of Education, districts are not required to retain records for home-instructed students.  Parents are required to keep attendance records, and all other documentation.  We highly encourage parents to create and maintain a portfolio for their home-instructed student(s) that is evidence of the student's progress and achievement.  The portfolio should also include any correspondence with the school district.  This portfolio may be helpful should home-instructed students decide to seek admission to college or military recruitment.