2020 FWATA

Free Communications Program

Thank you for your interest in the FWATA Free Communications Program!

We are committed to the mission of the NATA Research and Education Foundation Free Communications Program to advance the discovery, dissemination, and application of scientific knowledge in athletic training domains through written and oral forum. This mission is realized by communicating scientific knowledge to the athletic training community through the sharing of peer-reviewed original research reports and unique clinical case reports during the FWATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium. All accepted abstracts are presented in poster format.

In order to participate in the Free Communications Program, the first author* must have:

1. Current NATA membership

* Note: Professional (non-certified) students submitting as first author must provide contact information and NATA membership number for the faculty/AT who mentored them on the project.

To assure the Free Communications program contains current, innovative, and impactful research to the practice of athletic training, all abstracts are blindly reviewed by at least 2 athletic trainers with specific content area expertise. In order to provide high quality and helpful reviews in an expedient manner, it is essential that all abstracts are well-written, free from spelling and grammatical errors, and contain sufficient detail to enable expert review by our committee.

Please read the abstract preparation instructions very carefully to ensure that you choose the correct abstract category and conform to its specific formatting and content requirements. Also, please carefully review the “Common Reasons for Rejection” listed at the end of the General Instructions document.

2020 FWATA Free Comm guidelines.pdf

General instructions

Please read through these instructions carefully in order to understand the abstract categories and submission procedures.

Abstract categories


Basic Research 2020.pdf

Basic Research

Survey 2020.pdf

Survey Research

Meta-analysis and Systematic Review 2020.pdf

Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis

Qualitative 2020.pdf

Qualitative Research


Level 1-3 CASE 2019.pdf

Level 1-3 CASE

Level 4 CASE 2019.pdf

Level 4 CASE

Abstract Submission Procedures

Please note that this is a 2-step process:

- The first/presenting author's contact information must be provided

- Faculty/AT mentor contact information and NATA membership # is required for student abstract submissions

- You will be directed to upload your abstract (in Word .docx format) from your computer to Dropbox (no account is needed).

- Name your file: Last Name- FWATA 2020

Abstracts are due by April 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM Pacific.

Late submissions will not be accepted.

Free Communications Awards Program

Poster Presentation Awards

The Research and Grants committee members serve as judges and will score each poster on content and presentation. Judges are recused from scoring posters on which they are co-authored or are from their home institution. All judges’ scores are tallied by the FWATA R&G committee chair and the winners are announced at the Hall of Fame awards banquet.

The first author must be a member of District 8 to be eligible for an award.

Student Awards

Student-authored abstracts are eligible for a award:

1st Place: $300

2nd Place: $200

3rd Place: $100

Professional Awards

The top 3 poster presentations authored by professionals (i.e. not a student) will receive recognition at the FWATA Hall of Fame banquet.

Clinical Outcome Based Research Award (COBRA)

The Clinical Outcome Based Research Award (COBRA) is intended to encourage clinician-based research in District 8 through the dissemination of Level 1-4 clinical case reports. The COBRA initiative emphasizes our value on disseminating "why we do what we do" and provides Practice-Based Evidence.


• The presenting author must be a member of District 8.

- If the presenting author is a student, one of the co-authors must be the certified athletic trainer who mentored the student during the project.

• Submit a Level 1-4 case report in the Professional Track which:

- Incorporates pre- and post- outcome measures, ideally including a Patient Reported Outcome (PRO)

- Specifies criteria for discharge (i.e., return to activity/sport)

Award Amount: $500