Bloomz Communication Tool

We know that communication is an important factor in your child's success. While our teachers and staff will use email for formal communication, many will also use Bloomz to communicate with you and your children. Bloomz is a multi-faceted app with a suite of features to enhance communication.

All teachers at FSH Elementary will create Bloomz classes and will share the join code with parents. At Cole, teachers who utilize Bloomz will invite both students and parents. All our extracurricular clubs and teams at Cole will also use Bloomz.

Once you join a class at any campus, you will also become a member of that campus's school community. Our campus and district administrators will use Bloomz for school-wide posts and announcements.

You may also elect to create your Bloomz account and join the campus communities first and then add your children's classes and clubs later. The join codes for our campuses can be found below.

We hope you enjoy Bloomz!