About ME:

My name is John Baroncelli. aka- JB! I am a DSI Services Coordinator at FSDB, since February 2019. I support & advocate FSDB's DSI Students who have combined Deafness and Vision loss. I also collaborate with other staff, teachers & specialist from their respective departments on campus, who need my assistance & guidance on how to adaptively improve academic trainings for students who are identified as DSI. I also provide information to all DSI students on how to obtain free adaptive technology equipment through the National DeafBlind Equipment Distribution Program, (NDBEDP, I Can Connect "ICC") - which is funded by the FCC. Perform annual 6th Grade Usher Syndrome Screenings as well as provide Usher Syndrome Information. I also collaborate with other Florida stakeholders to obtain further information and provide supports for students with Dual Sensory Loss. Advisory Board Member for FAVI-DBC, Florida.

Employment Background:

I have nearly three decades of experiences in working with individuals who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind, Blind-HOH & with Intellectual Disabilities from three different specialized facilities during my 27 year career span in New York.

At the same time, I gained over 30 years experiences in computing and 15 years experiences in desktop support. Experienced in training on a variety of adaptive technology software and equipment such as screen magnifiers, screen readers, Low Vision equipment and Braille displays that provide better access for those with Deaf-Blindness. Formerly employed as an Adaptive Technology Instructor at a Prominent Deaf-blind training facility on Long Island for 22 years. In the early 1990's, I was appointed as Director of Training for 2 years at an Apple specialized training center for the Deaf in New York City.

Experienced in Tactile ASL, Visual ASL & Pro-Tactile sign languages as well as provide visual ASL support as a DI (Deaf Interpreter) for those with limited english language.

Personal Background:

I originally came from Long Island, New York. Currently reside here in Florida and loving the weather!! A diehard NY Yankees, Islanders, Jets & a huge NASCAR fan! I certainly don't miss the snow and cold weathers up there! But New York will always be in my heart!

My hobbies are woodworking, fishing, canvas painting, computer repairs & the Florida's beach life. I also enjoy spending time with my awesome wife, our whole families and our four beautiful grandchildren, whom we are blessed!

One of my favorite quotes:

"In life, there are some hurdles you get over and some you don't. For the ones you don't get over, well you keep trying till you do!"....Dale Earnhardt Sr.