College and Career

Lyndsay Hayes, ICIA Grant Project Director & Career Counselor


Upcoming Events

Oct 2- TSI in HS Sci Lab

Oct 2- College & Career Spirit Day

Oct 8- TSTC Marshall Drafting & Machining Day for Engineering Students

Oct 23- TSI in HS Sci Lab

Oct 28- Financial Aid Workshop for Senior Parents @ 6:30 pm in HS Library

Oct 30- Reality Fair for Juniors and Seniors @ 1:15 pm in HS Library

Nov 6- College & Career Spirit Day

Nov 11- TriCounty College Fair in Mineola for Grades 8-12

Nov 13- TSI in HS Sci Lab

Dec 4- College & Career Spirit Day

Dec 11- TSI in HS Sci Lab

Dec 16- ASVAB in HS Library allows high school students to earn scholarships from colleges for their achievements in and out of the classroom. Starting in 9th grade, students can be eligible to start earning scholarships for their achievements like good grades, perfect attendance, leadership roles, participation in sports & clubs, community service, test scores, and more! Students can fill in their high school portfolio retrospectively with achievements going back to the start of 9th grade, and they will be eligible to earn scholarships as if they had been using since 9th grade! Click on to find out more!

Are you a low-income high school senior who has excelled academically, but feels that the nation’s best colleges are financially out of reach? The QuestBridge National College Match can be your pathway to a top college. Through this college and scholarship application process, you can apply for free to the nation’s best colleges and be considered for early admission and a full four-year scholarship from the college.