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News from the District Office. March 9th, 2021

The Fruitland School Board met last night and approved a motion to change our school schedule following spring break. The change will be made as long as we continue to have very low COVID numbers in the district. (we currently have ZERO cases)

The change will be as follows:

***All schools will be in session IN PERSON five days per week, beginning on 3/30/21. All schools will go to the original 5 day calendar that was approved prior to the emergency pandemic. (Please look at your individual school schedule)

***All schools will discontinue the online learning (IDLA excluded) on 3/30/21.

***All schools will remain in a mask mandate until further notice.

Thank you,

Lyle Bayley

Superintendent, Fruitland School District #373

Below is a copy of our Early Release Schedule for Fridays beginning AFTER Spring Break: First Friday will be April 2nd.

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