Student voice matters! Our students proudly publish their writing and ideas for a very large audience: the entire world. We hope to use this venue to share our ongoing experiences with Virtual Reality at J.P. Case Middle School so that others can learn from us as we pioneer this emerging technology!



  • In science class, when we start learning about environments and ecosystems, I'd love to see a VR there, and an app for walking around in different parts of the world, so that we could visually learn about how the environments actually "feel" to be there.
  • I would like to see a virtual classroom. Everyone could go in it and take virtual notes and save them so they can come back to them later. It would be a cool learning experience.
  • I would like to see an app where you can learn different languages and practice those languages and there would be a score keeping device that tells you how bad or good you do
  • A good Idea for VR learning apps would be an environment which would show you or relate what you are learning about. For example in math VR could show you a work environment in which you would use that kind of math.
  • In social studies instead of reading out of a textbook you could play a game or watch a video through the VR that makes you experience what the textbook is talking about.
  • Have a kind of learning mission that would be a fun experience and also has a educational standpoint to it.
  • I think it could potentially be fun. As long as such learning apps have an actual difference from the real world, and make it "special"
  • I think you should be able to go see what you are learning about and instead of just looking at pictures it will feel like you are really there.
  • As a student in computer class getting to use this it is amazing! I can't imagine if all of my classes had this. I think that if it would good for my teachers to help teach. In language arts we read a lot of stories. Right now we are reading "Roll of Thunder Here My Cry." It takes place in right after the civil war, there were lots of sharecroppers. The main family lives on a farm. Now imagine if we could actually experience the book. What would it be like to walk around the farm with them, and pick cotton?
  • I think if you used the VR for learning it would be great so you can walk around instead of sitting down all the time
  • There should be sports like archery or football for putting in answers, for selecting one.
  • If you miss a day of school you can go to the class and watch a video of that last class lesson was but it could be like real life so you can see everything and look like the learning environment.
  • If I had a VR in every one of my classes it would help the learning experience or the learning atmosphere. It would help us see things that were going on in the actual world .
  • There could be an app that adds math to real life places that could help people with math.
  • I think we can learn and have fun at the same time.
  • In history they should have apps where you can be in the environment of things in the past like wars and settings to help students have a better learning. Another thing is for math where you can go onto an app and write with your controller solutions to math problems.
  • Using the tiltbrush app to do math equations to write it out.
  • Instead of reading from a book or a textbook you could look at the story in virtual reality instead of reading it where you can't put an accurate picture in your brain.
  • The teacher would actually be in the vr teaching you and you could draw all over the walls for showing your work in math.
  • In social studies they can send you to the place that you're learning about to see what it was actually like there. Also for science they can send you to the moon, or to explore more about space.
  • In Science there could be an app where you did experiments virtually. In writing there could be an app where you have a blank page in front of you and a virtual keyboard. In math you could draw to create and answer problems. In Social Studies you could use VR to go back through time and explore events you are learning about. In World Language, you could use VR to speak to a robotic person.
  • Now in some schools even in this one we use computers or tech to learn, it would be very amazing being able to use VR systems. You could be learning from a virtual teachers like watching a video for class only it may feel like they are really there, and you are not watching them from a screen.
  • A learning app I would like to see is a sports app. This app would talk about sports and would give basic and more complicated information as well.
  • Well in science we are learning about water and how erosion and deposition affect land forms, and I think there should be app that allows students to see up close, how water moves rocks and how it effects the earth, and also can do something with planting and can actually plant a plant.

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