Welcome to Mrs. Lango's 4th Grade Class of 2021-2022

Class Philosophy

Our 4th grade class represents a broad spectrum of learning styles, abilities and personalities that come together to form a community of learners. Children will spend their time engaged in a variety of activities and experiences that foster growth in the physical, social, emotional, aesthetic and cognitive domains. The instruction and activities offered are based on developmental appropriateness and take into consideration individual needs and interests. This happens by valuing each child as an INDIVIDUAL, with unique patterns of growth. I look forward to an exciting year of learning and growing together as a community of learners!

Something to remember as we start this new school year together!

About me

I am about to enter my 13th year as a 4th grade teacher and I am just as excited for this year as I was for my first year! I love all things outdoors and when I can't be outside, I enjoy snuggling on the couch with our dog, Layla. I can not wait to learn all about each one of you and experience new and interesting ways of learning this year together. We got this!