Fine Arts

In fine arts we often understand our Core Knowledge stories, characters, and literature concepts through theatrical expression. Much of our class is about going from the page to the stage! Students also work to explore how our bodies communicate ideas, characters, and feelings. Below is a quick snapshot of our current learning in fine arts. Feel free to ask your student to demonstrate their understanding after they attend class!

Kindergarten: During this rotation, students work explore our concepts below through the movement story "The Sculptor Who Couldn't Decide What to Make." Students become the clay that is transformed into different objects!

  • Wide and narrow shapes
  • Moving safely around the room

First Grade: This rotation students use guided imagery stories to create scenes using their bodies. This week we are using "The Enchanted Forest" as our scene! Students will choose to become setting pieces, props, or characters in our forest as other students take a journey through this highly interactive forest.

  • Moving safely around the room
  • Collaborating with others
  • Improvisation
  • Staying in character

Second Grade: During this rotation, students will begin delving into character! They will play a game called "Character Memory." This game turns our normal memory cards into real life characters that need to find their match in class. As students examine the match ups, they analyze what movements make the animals similar and different from each other!

  • Character movement
  • Moving safely around the room
  • Identifying key movements for characters
  • Critical thinking
  • Collaboration

Third Grade: This week third grade finishes their first unit...props! Students are each given a prop that they must use in a new way during a performance on stage. After each performance, the audience must guess what the prop signified. (A broom could be a giant's toothbrush or a bucket could be a mask.)

  • Props
  • Collaboration
  • Creative thinking

Fourth Grade: This rotation students get busy planning their commercials for zany products. Students choose a product and brainstorm the different uses for the product. Next week, students will identify how they want their audience to feel using the product.

  • Persuasive techniques
  • Determining importance

Fifth Grade: Fifth grade students use this rotation to create characters they will use in their next improvised performance. Students will identify three distinct internal characteristics, which they will make apparent through movement and gesture.

  • Empathy
  • Showing nuanced feelings through movement and gesture
  • Improvisation