Spring Play INformation

Students: Are you hoping to do some extra performing this year? Then our after school drama program could be for you! We run two different shows through our school year. Here is the information for our second show.

Spring Play: The REluctant Dragon

We are excited to announce our spring play! Firstly, thank you for all your patience this year. We are still reconfiguring our performance space and moving into our brand new performing arts wing, so we have limited space in this next show. We can accept 23 fourth and fifth grade students in this spring performance. (We will open to third grade if we have further space.)


The Reluctant Dragon

by Kenneth Grahame (Adapted for the stage by Katherine Schultz Miller)

The story sets into motion when a young shepherd boy/girl discovers a dragon residing in a cave near his/her family home and village. Having read many stories concerning dragons, the young child has adopted an open-minded attitude toward the feared creature, and quickly befriends the dragon. Moreover, the dragon demonstrates a love for poetry which confirms its intelligence and civility, and also gives an account of its life. However, the townspeople soon learn of the dragon’s dwelling and things quickly escalate, as they perceive it as a danger to them all and a problem that needs to be dealt with accordingly. Although the young child welcomes the dragon with open arms, the townspeople, on the other hand, are not convinced of its harmless intentions and unanimously agree that the beast should be vanquished. This story explores the power of friendship and beauty of letting people simply be themselves!


There is an $80 fee that we will collect mid-February. The school is starting a new service for fee collection at this time. We will send you information as we get it.


While our fall performance was geared toward giving a large number of students experience in drama and building basic theatrical skills, this performance will be more focused on students taking their acting skills to deeper levels. Emphasis will be put on collaboration, creating in-depth characters, and using more advanced acting techniques.


Though no official prerequisite is required, students should be familiar with and able to...

-Interject and add to conversations respectfully and on topic

-Follow instructions and listening

-Take appropriate risks

-Move body safely

-Work with others

-Deal with others’ and your own failures and mistakes positively and respectfully

-Take ownership/apologize


If students struggle consistently with the above skills, they will not be able to create deeper characters, collaborate with others, or contribute to a trusting environment. Students who have three full rehearsals of difficulties with the above skills will be asked to take a break from drama and grow these skills. Students must also ATTEND ALL REHEARSALS. If a student misses three rehearsals, his/her role may be reassigned. While we will not typically ask students to leave a show due to attendance, we will make sure that they are given a smaller role where they can still shine if they miss enough practice. We want all students to feel successful and ready for the stage!


Rehearsals will take place every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:20-4:30. We will start rehearsals on February 5 and run through April 18. We will not meet on snow or inclement weather days or on vacation or national holidays. We will also not have rehearsal on March 28 (fifth grade music/fine arts performance night). We will have two dress rehearsals on April 23 and 24 (Tuesday and Wednesday) from 3:20-5:30 pm. Performances will be on April 25 and 26 at 6 pm. Students will need to arrive at 5 pm those nights.

We will take our first 23 students who sign up for the show. Advance sign-ups will be given to our fourth and fifth grade students on our waiting list from our last performance. Please make sure to read through our pre-requisites with your student before filling out the form. Sign-ups will begin on Wednesday, January 30 at 8 pm.


Registration is now closed for the Spring Play! We would love you to join us next year. Please look for information in August 2019.