Reading Counts

What is Reading Counts (RC) ?

All Frontier students in Grades 1-5 participate in the Scholastic Reading Counts program managed by the library. Reading Counts is a reading comprehension program that matches readers to books to encourage reading growth. Students read books, take quizzes on any Frontier computer, and earn RC points for receiving a passing score on the quiz (70% or above.) Students may also complete a “Book Review Form For Points”. See below for more information.

When do students start the RC Program?

RC starts in First Grade. First grade students learn about the Reading Counts Program in the first 2 quarters and begin taking quizzes in Quarter 3.

What is a Lexile Level and "Dot Color?"

Grade 2-5 students will begin the year by taking the SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) during their library class time. The SRI determines a student’s reading level based on a framework called Lexiles. A lexile level describes the reading ability of an individual student. For more information visit At Frontier we color-coded the lexile level ranges with a “Dot Color” to allow students to easily identify their Lexile Range. Students are encouraged to read books at or above their Dot Color. First Grade students will not take the SRI test until the end of the year. First grade students will be matched with appropriate level books by their teachers, parents, and the librarian.

How do I earn Reading Counts Points?

There are 2 ways to earn RC points.

  1. All books that have a colored Dot on their spine are included in the RC program, i.e., there is a quiz in the system for that book. These books are also marked with stickers in the back cover of the book that indicate the Lexile Range and RC points. Student earn points by reading the book and passing the RC quiz with a score of 70%.
  2. Unfortunately, many of our amazing books do not have Reading Counts Quizzes! Typically, these “Non Dot” books are overlooked by our students! Now students may earn Reading Counts points for “Non Dot” books by completing a simple form (Book Review Form For Points). Forms are available in the library or downloaded below. The form may be completed at home or during library time and returned to the library. In addition, Informal Book Talks are optional for students who are willing to share a book with their class. Book Talks are a great way for students to share great books with their peers! (NOTE: Student may only complete a Book Review Form For Points for a books that DO NOT HAVE A RC QUIZ.)

What is my RC Quarterly Goal?

Grade Standard Reading Counts Goals are pre-set for all students (2nd Grade=10, 3rd Grade=15, 4th Grade=20, 5th Grade=25).

Do I receive a grade for Reading Counts?

Yes! Students in Grades 2-5 receive a grade in Reading for meeting Grade Standard Reading Counts goals each Quarter.

What if I want to challenge myself and increase my Reading Counts goal?

Good for you! Any student may choose to set their goal higher than the Grade Standard goal. Grades will still be based on the Grade Standard Goal. Mrs. Granrud will meet with each student to discuss goals.

What is “reading at or above my Dot Color”?

All students may check out 3 books each week. We encourage students to choose at least one book at or above their Dot Color (i.e, within their Lexile range) and take a RC quiz. Most 1st graders book are encouraged to check out a Pink/Orange/Yellow Dot Book which have lexile levels in the “beginning reader” range. Exceptions are made when necessary for advanced first grade readers.

When may I take RC quizzes?

Students may take quizzes during their weekly Library Time. Sometimes, however, we do not have enough time for our library lesson and quiz-taking. Students may also take RC quizzes in their classroom or before/after school. NOTE: Students may not take quizzes at home. The RC program is only available on the Frontier Network.

How do I know if a non-Frontier book has a RC Quiz?

Go to Enter a book title in the search box for “Find Books Supported by SRC! Quizzes.” Click on the book title for a full summary including Lexile Level and RC Points. This information will let you know if there is a quiz available or if students need to complete a Book Review Form For Points.

How do I find books in my Lexile Range (aka “at my Dot Color”)?

You may also use the above tool to find books within a certain Lexile Range.

How does the library use Dot Colors?

In the library we use Dot Colors very loosely as a GUIDE to assist students in choosing books. Students are encouraged, but not required, to read at or above their Dot Color. We want students to choose books they LOVE, not based solely on Dot Colors or Reading Counts Points. We reward students for reading and we are also working hard to encourage an INTRINSIC LOVE FOR READING to inspire our students to become LIFELONG READERS!

How it all works:

  • Students read books and earn Reading Counts points by either passing the RC quiz on any Frontier Computer or completing the Book Review Form For Points. Once a student meets the Grade Standard Goal they are recognized in the library on our GOALS BOARD.
  • Once quarterly goals are met, 2nd-5th grade students may choose to continue earning RC points in order to enter a Reading Counts Club.
  • Each grade has different point requirements for entry into the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Reading Counts Club.
  • At the end of each quarter 2nd-5th grade students earn prizes from the Reading Counts store dependent upon their Club Level at that time. All first grade students earn one prize from the store.

Please contact Mrs. Granrud with questions.

Mrs. Granrud,

Let’s read books we LOVE! Let’s encourage a LOVE for reading and inspire our students to become LIFELONG READERS!

1st and 2nd Grade Book Review Form
3rd and 4th Grade Book Review
5th Grade Book Review