Genre of the Month

Genre of the Month (GOTM) is an optional program available to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.

Each month, we will focus on a different book genre. How to participate?

  1. Read any book (with a Reading Counts quiz) in the chosen GOTM. Books must be FICTION (not EVERYONE) or GRAPHIC NOVEL books. Check your Spine Label!
  2. Pass the Reading Counts quiz on the GOTM book.
  3. Complete a simple entry form (available at the library) and put in the GOTM Donut Box.

The library will draw 50 names and invite those students to our monthly GOMT Morning Treat. Teachers will receive a list of students and notices to parents will go out in students’ Weekly Folders.

Questions? Contact Mrs. Granrud at


September & October GOTM is Fantasy and Science Fiction!

GOTM entries due by October 31, 2018

What is a Fantasy book? A Fantasy is a story that is not possible and may include talking animals and magical powers.

What is a Science Fiction book? A Science Fiction story is a type of fantasy involving science and/or technology (time travel, robots, computers.)