EWeek at Frontier Academy

Welcome to EWeek (Elective Week) for October 2017.

We are changing the signup process. No more standing in line at 4 a.m. Now we will sign up online. A lottery system will assign you to your top choice of class, as available.

The process is:

  • Tues, Sep 26. Assembly in the auditorium at 3:15. Students bring course descriptions home to parents.
  • Online signup for your top 5 choices for a class. The signup link will be on this page, beginning the afternoon of Tues, Sep 26 and ending Sat, Sep 30. This is NOT first-come first-served, so students may sign up any time between Sep 26 and Sep 30.
  • The lottery process happens via an electronic program after the signup closes on Sat Sep 30 at midnight.
  • Rosters will be posted on the office window at 7:00 Mon, Oct 2. Because of privacy considerations, these will not be posted online.
    • Mon Oct 2, 7:00-7:29. Students will go to the teacher they are assigned (via the lottery), get permission forms, and take it home for parent signatures that night.
    • Mon Oct 2, 3:18. Mandatory orientation meeting #1 with your EWeek teacher during Access.
  • Tues, Oct 3. Students return permission slips (and possible fees) to the teacher they have been assigned. These must be returned by Tues, Oct 3.
  • Thurs Oct 12. Mandatory orientation meeting #2 with your EWeek teacher during Access.
  • Oct 16, 17, 18, 19. EWeek classes 7:30-3:45.

The course descriptions are on the EWeek Ticket. The paper version must be signed and returned on Mon, Oct 2 AFTER you complete the online sign up. Do both!

The EWeek online sign up is available Sep 26 - Sep 30. This is the only way to select your class.