Mells Scenic 7

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Due to the Corona Virus we will be running a virtual Mells Scenic 7 this year.

You can enter via EntryCentral ( and entries will open on Wed 12 Aug. The event will be open for the whole of September 2020, so you can choose the date and time when you run between 1 and 30 Sep, however you must run the specific route, details of which are below. (P lease note for those who have completed this event previously the start/finish point and the route is slightly different as we can't cross the private land we normally do).

The route comprises of approximately 5 miles of footpath/bridleway and 2 miles of quiet country lanes. Starting and finishing in the historic village of Mells at the Talbot Inn, near Frome and featuring the beautiful East Somerset countryside.

The route is to be run in an anti-clockwise direction.

Once you have completed your race you need to email evidence (eg strava/garmin screen shot) that you ran the specific route and the time you completed it in to You will then be sent your medal and your details entered onto the results sheet. At the start of Oct the final race results will be published on the Frome Running Club website.


Runners should follow all relevant guidance from the government, police and our sport – particularly in relation to out-of-home exercise and social distancing. Please consider the time of day that you run, and apply social distancing to stay clear/give priority to pedestrians and people using public spaces.

Parts of the route can get slippery and there are numerous trip hazards. Please take care on these sections of the route.

There are a few sections requiring you to run along/cross roads. Please pay attention to traffic and cross carefully. Headphones should not be worn.

Due to the nature of this year's event there will obviously be no First Aid provided. Please inform someone where you are going and check in with them on your return; carry an ICE (in case of emergency) card with your details; and where possible carry a mobile phone with you.

Online entries on EntryCentral will close on Tue 29 September 2020 - remember you must complete the route by midnight on 30 September 2020.

This event is licenced by UKA and covered under UKA Insurance.

If you have any questions please email

Virtual Mells Scenic 7 - 2020

Virtual Mells Scenic 7 - 2020 Route Description

The route starts and finishes at the Talbot pub in Mells (BA11 3PN) – There is parking along the street outside the pub.

With the pub on your left run towards to village centre/shop/café, passing the war memorial on your left. After the shop/café take the 2nd left turn along the road towards Great Elm. Please run on the right hand side of the road, facing the traffic in accordance with the highway code.

After 250-300m turn right through the gateway onto the path that runs along the river (the river will be on your right). Follow the path along the river and past the old iron works. When the path becomes a tarmac driveway follow for approx. 50m then take the path off to the right, staying alongside the river. When you reach the bridge cross the river and continue following the path, now with the river on your left. This is the first diversion from normal route – do not climb the steep hill onto Mells Estate land, continue to follow the river path. When you meet a junction of paths turn right, almost back on yourself, with the river on your left. Follow the path, crossing the railway line (TAKE CARE and check both ways for trains before crossing). Follow the path to the right heading up the hill, take care the stones can often be slippery. At the top of the hill turn left, almost back on yourself and follow the path (approx. 500m) until you see a steep path down to your left, heading to the duck pond in Great Elm. Take the path downhill, take care it is steep and can be slippery. At the bottom go through the gateway onto the road, turn left, cross the bridge and follow the road round to the left heading up hill, turn almost immediately right and follow the steep path up to the main road at the top of the hill.

Turn right onto the main road and follow it for approx. 175m, again running on the right-hand side of the road, facing the traffic in accordance with the highway code. Turn left by the converted chapel and follow the road downhill, past the end of Colliers Way cycle path and under the old railway bridge and continue to follow the road to the corner where the road bends right, take the footpath heading straight on. After crossing the stile head up hill through the field, heading for the small wooded area in the top left corner. In the wooded area cross the stile into the next field and head to the top of the hill, from here you will see a stile on your left, cross it into the next field and head for the wooded area in the right hand corner of the field (the path should go diagonally across the field but due to crops you may need to follow the right hand side fence). Go through the gate and follow the path until you see an open gateway on your right (40m), turn right and cross the field diagonally right downhill, heading for the bottom right hand corner, where you will find a bridge. Cross the bridge and turn left, follow the path along the edge of 4 fields, keeping the hedge on your left (This is the second diversion from normal route - do not go along the side of the chicken sheds and through the farmyard). When you reach the field with the new farmhouse on your left at the top, follow the path diagonally across the field to the open gateway which brings you out on the road.

Turn left and follow the road round the right and up the steep hill towards Buckland Dinham. After passing the first few houses turn left onto the track. Follow the track for approx. 1200m until you hit a tarmac section at the entrance to a large farm (Hill House Farm). Cross straight over onto the footpath and follow up into the grassy field, follow the right hand hedge until you come to a stile, cross the stile and follow the path along the right hand side of the wooded area, once the field opens up, go across the middle, heading for the stile in the middle on the other side, After the stile follow the path across the middle of the next field, heading for the wooded area on the right, where you will find a short path taking you onto the road, take care exiting the path onto the road as this is a small lane.

Turn left onto the road and head down the road towards Mells, crossing the cycle path. Where the road has a 90 degree bend to the left continue straight into the field ahead of you. The footpath should go left diagonally across the field, but often due to crops you will need to follow the right hand field edge until you reach the left hand corner of the field, follow the path across the middle of the next field and cross the stile into the grass field behind Mells church. Follow the path to the left corner of the church wall then head left aiming for the stile in the bottom left corner of the field, cross the stile and head rightwards down the road towards the war memorial. At the memorial turn right for the final sprint to the finish at the Talbot pub!

MS7 GPX file download link : Click Here!

MS7 2020 Map download : Click Here

Mells Scenic 7 Route

2019 Mells MS7 route

The race will be run anti-clockwise around the course shown on the map. There may be tweaks to this route, but it will be very similar to this on the day.

Please note. We are not starting from Mells Post Office. Please see route information below. We’ll post more information along with new photos shortly.

Start! We’ll start at the T Junction at the bottom of Gay St (outside Bridge House). Then we’ll run towards Mells, crossing the road at Mells Post Office. Marshals will guide you across the road. Keep going around 300m on road then turn right along a wide, smooth track through Vallis. Past the old Ironwork ruins, the track narrows then we rejoin the river Frome until crossing a bridge, heading up hill away from the river, then rejoining on the other side of the hill. We then cross the railway and head uphill onto the Mendip way and back down to the duck pond in Great Elm.

From the bottom of Great Elm, a short, sharp climb up to the Frome road. Listen to the marshalls carefully here as you will have to cross the road and head left down a lane to a railway bridge. Under the bridge and round the corner, then back off road for a tough climb up to the top of Barrow Hill (nice views if you stop to take them in). You’ll fly down the other side of the hill, then run out past Barrow Hill Farm, and back onto the road for a tiny bit before heading left for a sharp climb up to Buckland Dinham (water point). Crossing a country lane you’ll join a bridlepath. After that a couple of footpaths with lovely views to the South where you can see Mells (the finish) about 2km away. You’ll join the road here for about 600m before heading through a couple of fields and coming out overlooking Mells Church (final resting place of war poet Siegfried Sassoon).

From here you’ll rejoin the road, round the corner past Mells’ famous war memorial and a fast finish up the main street and into the cricket club.

Race Day Information

How do I get to Mells?

Car parking is at Mells Cricket Club, near to the Talbot Inn, Mells. BA11 3PN.

Once you get close to Mells there will be signs, and there will be marshalls directing you into the car park.

When should I arrive?

The race starts at 11am, with a race briefing at 10:45am, then a short 2-3 minute walk to the start line, so please make sure to arrive in plenty of time. If you’re entering on the day please bear in mind that there could be a queue for registration.

What kind of kit will I need?

The course is all off road apart from a very short on road section at the start and finish. Have a look at the route for details. Off-road shoes are advised if you have them. If not, you will be fine in road shoes but there will be muddy sections especially if there's rain!

What facilities are available?

Tea, cakes, toilets, nearby pub and cafe.

What kinds of prizes are there?

Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female. Memento to all finishers, spot prizes donated by sponsors and 2 x team prizes.

See you there!