Meet the nurse!

Angie Lamastra, RN

School Nurse-Scott Elementary

469-633-4008 (clinic)

469-633-4009 (fax)

While Band-Aids and stomachaches are what may come to mind when you think of school nurses, our school health program involves so much more than that! The clinic is a place where daily assessment of illness and injury is conducted. It’s a place where hearing, vision, and basic health screenings are performed. Where immunization records are reviewed on each student to ensure they’re protected against preventable communicable diseases. It’s a place where medication may be given, and first aid is administered. It’s a resource that students, parents and faculty members can turn to for health-related information. And yes, it’s a place where Band-Aids are applied, stomachaches are evaluated and tears are wiped away. All this is done with one goal in mind: Promotion of optimal health so that a student can remain in the classroom and do what students are supposed to do—LEARN!

I'm thrilled to be a part of your child’s school experience and know how important effective communication is between students, parents, nurses, teachers and administration. I hope this website will help promote that effort by answering common questions, supplying links to helpful and informative websites, providing printable forms necessary for the prompt care of your child, and keeping you up to date on health issues in our school. Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns about your child’s school health. Remember, the goal is to work together so your child will get the most out of each and every school day!


Nurse "L"