The Roar

Welcome to the Reedy High School Yearbook page. This is the official home of the Reedy High School Yearbook entitled 'The Roar'.


  • The Distribution day for the 2016-2017 yearbook is May 24th & 25th, 2017 during all lunches in the cafeteria
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2016-17 Yearbooks Staff

The 2016-17 yearbook staff proudly presents the second installation of "The Roar" dubbed Candid. The phenomenal editors Abby Wright, Jordan Peichel, Amy Fahmi, Kyla Walls, and Sanaa Abdullah created the motto 'We Can so We Did' to accompany the yearbook. The staff of eight sophomore and eight juniors spent the duration of the year putting together the yearbook with marvelous photos and outstanding captions to show how the students, athletes, and faculty enjoy their time and experiences at Reedy.